Knife Review: Benchmade 915 Triage

[Editor’s note: Enjoy this Benchmade review; it’s proof that I’m not trying to cause Kershaw poisoning this week.] In my time as a 911 dispatched EMT, I’ve learned one basic truth: if you absolutely need it, it should be on your body when you jump out the door of the rig. Most of the stuff […]

New from Buck: Spitfire EDC Knife

  Buck Knives is introducing a brand new every day carry locking folder called the 722 Spitfire. It sports an aluminum grip and a very nicely curved blade. I really like it. And seeing as it’s 100% Made in the USA and being sold for around $50, it looks like a real winner. Naturally we’ve […]

New from Cold Steel: Code 4 Carry Folders and More

Cold Steel is here at the NRA Annual Meeting, and they’re showing off their new Code 4 locking folding knives. These knives come in a variety of blade geometry configurations, but they are all 4 inches long, use a standard locking mechanism, and are housed in a set of aluminum grips. Dan and I were […]