Nightly Knife Porn traditional edition

Each of us have a preference and are drawn towards different styles of knives. For me, nothing matches traditional style forged fixed blades and traditional slipjoint pocket knives. So in honor of one of my favorite makers, and one of my favorite manufacturers, and respectively here are some of their knife porn shots!

Maglite Magtac LED Rechargeable Flashlight Review

For the first time ever I’m not going to recommend a product, not even a little bit. Maglite was awesome enough to send me two flashlights to review. The Maglite Magcharger rechargeable LED was amazing, and you can read the review here. However, the Magtac LED rechargeable tactical flashlight is anything but. Make the jump to […]

Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener Review

With the release of their new Combo Knife Sharpener, Work Sharp is going after those folks who need to sharpen knives quickly, efficiently and without fuss. Sometimes taking the time to break out the old Arkansas stones and oil is great, but other times you need a dull blade to become sharp quickly and the […]

Breed Custom Knives H-Tac preview

The first time I heard mention of Breed Custom Knives, and it’s owner Kim Breed was when our esteemed editor Clay came home from Blade Show 2014 with one of his knives. Kim’s model 14 fixed blade stopped him in his tracks and was his purchase from that Blade Show. Ever since then I’ve wanted […]

Mini Maglite LED PRO review

For the past several months I have been carrying a Mini Maglite PRO LED  with me. This light has been my primary EDC light, and my primary work light for that entire length of time as well. The Mini Maglite PRO LED  is the updated version to Maglite’s classic Mini that has been around for […]