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New from Viking Solutions: Deer Splitter

Shooting deer is easy. Well, relative to dressing them. And by “dressing” I don’t mean asking whether sir dresses right or left. I mean getting to grips with the guts of the thing. It’s kind of ironic that a company … Continue reading

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NY Woman Sues Cops For Not Letting Her Stab herself to Death

OK, that’s a fairly liberal interpretation of events, as described by The paper reports that Joann “no e” Clarke’s boyfriend called the po-po to his Pelham Bay apartment last year, “telling a 911 dispatcher Clarke was emotionally disturbed and ‘might hurt … Continue reading

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Self-Defense Tip: De-Knife Your Carry-On and Person Before Flying

Over that The Truth About Guns, we’ve chronicled the large number of concealed carry permit holders who forgot to remove a gun from their carry-on. The TSA blog reports that the blue shirted goons (paraphrasing) confiscated 821 firearms from January to July … Continue reading

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Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: CA Knife Thrower [Not Shown]

I suppose the headline above tells you all you need to know. Irresponsible. Knife thrower. Done. Still, the wording of this police report at leaves a little to the imagination. “Officers arrested a 57-year-old El Cerrito woman after she … Continue reading

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Knife Self-Defense: Biomechanical Cutting for De-Animation of the Opponent

I met Bram Frank at the 2013 BLADE show. The edged weapon self-defense expert was selling his CRMIPT knife. I bought two: the razor-sharp carry piece and a dull-edged trainer. I’ll report more on my progress with the concept (as above) … Continue reading

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EDC for CCW: Boker Kalashnikov Anniversary Knife

  OK, so we’re a little late on this one. As the engraving on the tactical liner-locking folding knife above reveals, we missed the diamond anniversary of the Automat Kalashnikov 47 (a.k.a., AK-47) by a year. But hey, if you could … Continue reading

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Ray Rybar’s Custom Knife Tribute to Sgt. Joseph Caskey

  While the general public is increasingly ambivalent about America’s military role abroad, the trend for “tribute knives” honoring a fallen soldiers, sailor, airmen or marine continues. The magnificent piece above celebrates the life and service of Marine Sgt. Joseph … Continue reading

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