How to avoid Facebook knife sale censors

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Social media companies have long been guilty of making things difficult on the Second Amendment community. Google/YouTube has been denying gun channels the right to monetize their videos through selling advertising or issuing arbitrary bans for people such as Jeorg Sprave .

Facebook denies companies and makers the right to advertise their wares for sale. Gun sales have long been verboten in Groups, but Facebook has recently begun to crack down on private sales of knives, both from individual collectors and from makers. However, you too can avoid Facebook knife sale censors. All it takes is a little ingenuity and self-censoring.

Here are some rules of thumb to avoid Facebook knife sale censors:

  • Avoid the Facebook “Sales” feature.
  • Do not list a price, say “PM me for details” or similar.
  • Avoid words like “knife” and “sale” and weapon
  • Swap “trigger” words.  “Sale” becomes “Sail” “Raffle” is “waffle”, “Knife” becomes “Nyfe”
  • Get creative. Like this guy here:

knife sales on Facebook

A creative way around the knife sale censors on Facebook.


Of course Facebook is a private company. Fuckerberg owns the sandbox, he gets to make the rules. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for me, I still derive enough of a net benefit from remaining on Facebook that I have not yet become pissed off enough to leave. That said, I only remain active because it is necessary for the blog. My personal page has been quiet for almost a year now.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I won’t do Facebuck.

    1. Necessary evil. It has allowed me to more efficiently network with knife industry people. Even if they go out of their way to suck as a content promotion platform unless you pay for it.

    2. We love having your comments on here Sam.

  2. Snatchums says:

    That’s much like when I was doing MMORPG games in the early 00’s. It was against the ToS to “sell” an online character (I once had my character appraised at $1200) and ebay would remove listings for video game characters. The workaround was to sell a postcard with a shitty poem on it for $X value and write the corresponding login information on the back.

  3. Sam L. says:

    Linked by Instapundit Nov 2 at 9:04PM.

  4. Keith Waters says:

    I am on your side, but I have a problem with calling a private entity a censor. Facebook and you can make the rules as to what appears on your sites. That is different from the government deciding knife sales may not be posted. You appear to recognize that in your post. I am a stickler for proper language.

    1. WuzNtMe says:

      Perhaps you sticklered all over yourself? The word “censor” has no connotations of government involvement at all… It simply means to suppress materials which are found to be undesirable. When government censors it becomes a 1st amendment issue, but anyone can censor.

  5. MeWe is lesss obnoxious and bandhoggy for now. We’ll see if that continues, or if they’ll fall prey to the whining do-gooders, too.

  6. dj says:

    People say Facebook isn’t a “government”. Facebook calls itself a community and this community levies its own laws and enforces them. Laws on behavior. Laws on approved items and speech. Sounds like a government to me.
    And look at what’s going on. They banish people from their community at a whim.
    Speech is policed and violations are punished.
    A Black Market of entirely legal yet “disapproved” goods is growing.
    People are smuggling goods past their censors using elaborate schemes

  7. whois says:

    Bulgarian forum brought me here:) cheers

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How to avoid Facebook knife sale censors

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