Axe-wielding Jugaloo prompts swat standoff over radio song-request

An unidentified man was taken into custody after brandishing weapons including an axe and machete outside a Boston-are radio station.


It began just after 1:30 Monday afternoon with 911 calls about a man in a red car brandishing weapons outside the radio studios on Cabot Road in Medford where he apparently tried unsuccessfully to request the song “My Axe” by the Insane Clown Posse and then ranted about his failure to several passersby outside.

“He got out of his car with a machete, stopped a girl who worked up on the second floor and said ‘I want you to play a song for me,’” Doreen Schaivone told WBZ-TV.

A heavily armed swarm of responding officers boxed in the suspect’s red sedan outside the building and the standoff began as the suspect drank beer and huffed something from a paper bag. At one point he climbed out of his vehicle…

…Cell phone video shows police trying unsuccessfully to subdue the suspect with a Taser and a beanbag — even as the police negotiator tried to play ball with the suicidal man’s song choice.

The man will reportedly undergo psychiatric evaluation. No word on whether it is for the SWAT standoff or for his terrible taste in music.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Likely the station’s programming is from elsewhere, so they couldn’t play that.

  2. Hannibal says:

    Wait, ‘jugaloos’ (sic) are still a thing?

    (it’s ‘juggalos’)

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Axe-wielding Jugaloo prompts swat standoff over radio song-request

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