Balisong Training Forks? At Least You Can’t Cut Yourself With Them.

Image Courtesy Knife Center

Although I have little (okay, zero) desire to own a Balisong, I’m still pissed that my state laws prohibit them outright. If I had a Butterfly knife addiction, however, I could legally feed it (pun intended) with this ninja Balisong hobo tool.

I mean ‘Balisong Fork Trainer.Don’t get me wrong here: even though I have no use for this tool, I’m not trashing it. Balisongs can be opened in many intricate, balletic and ultimately rather hazardous ways, and it’s probably a good idea to practice them with non-sharpened training knives.

Image courtesy BenchmadeAnd I’m not the only bloke who thinks so. Benchmade agrees, and they sell this non-hardened 62T Balisong trainer for a shocking $275. Clearly there’s some market for them, although this price is a bit hard to fully understand because it’s kind of like paying $500 for a detailed airsoft Glock.

Knife Center’s product page states that the Balisong Training Fork is imported from China, which surprises me since Customs agents seized 3,600 imported Chinese ‘Butterfly Combs’ in Baltimore.

The cheapo Knife Center version may not have Benchmade street cred or jaw-dropping good looks, but it’s $260 cheaper and it will help you polish off a bottle of ale and a plate of bangers and mash. The Benchmade couldn’t even butter your scone.




  1. Aharon says:

    Asian Knife Girl
    28 second vid of a woman going through her Balisong moves.


    Don’t let the girls see this video as it might inspire them to want a Balisong.

    1. Daniel says:

      Or to be Asian girls.

      Balisongs are extremely hazardous (to self) and relatively ineffective knives. That said, they’re pretty damn high on the coolness factor.

  2. jlottmc says:

    Bali-songs are actually the perfect throwing knife. They will stick everytime if thrown correctly. To throw one, undo the latch and let it hang freely, then with the point facing the target, throw it underhanded. The handles will open in the air, and the knife will stick surprisingly deeply. When it hits the target the handles will try to close, and you can see them pull the blade out a little, swing back to open and drive the back in a little. It takes about two minutes to learn and master that technique.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    $275 for that is well and truly into “you’re out of your goddamned mind range” as far as I’m concerned.

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Balisong Training Forks? At Least You Can’t Cut Yourself With Them.

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