DIY Project: Balsawood Sheath


Kinda cool actually. Especially if you drawer-store your knives.

I had seen the site Makezine before, and I am a casual follower of the “Maker Movement”, which I think is just hipster-speak for that old fashioned concept of “doing shit for yourself”.

“Granddaddy was a hillbilly, scholar blue collar of a man
He came from the school where you didn’t need nothing
if you could Make it with your own two hands” Van Zant “Get Right with The Man”.

Since posting the piece on Jimmy DiResta restoring an old draw knife last week I have dropped by a couple of times. Today I came across this simple DIY project: Making a sheath from balsa wood. Seems like good knife skill practice as well.

From Makezine: Easy DIY Knife Sheath Made From Balsa Wood

“His basic process for making these excellent holders is to cut three layers of balsa wood in a shape slightly larger than the blade. Space is added on the bottom, which is drilled for a pin or leather strap to secure the knife in place. One of the layers is hollowed out inside to fit the blade, and they are glued together to form a cavity for the knife. After some sanding and finishing with “mod podge,” Dettwyler had something very useful to protect his knives with.

As a professional cook that works primarily with vegetables in a French fine dining restaurant, he’s understandably “a bit obsessive about [his] knives.

I might have to try this one during my winter-time woodworking.


  1. Sam L. says:

    ‘Twere me, I wouldn’t use balsa below the blade edge, but something much harder. I just use cereal box cardboard. Not elegant, true, but functional. Also, cheap.

  2. Spencer says:

    The idea is excellent but agree that a harder wood is needed. Luckily my shop is littered with hardwood scraps just right for such a project.

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DIY Project: Balsawood Sheath

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