Bangladeshi Pastor survives jihadi knife-attack.

FILE- In this Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015 file photo, Bangladeshi security officers stand by the site where Japanese citizen Kunio Hoshi was killed Saturday at Mahiganj village in Rangpur district, 300 kilometers (185 miles) north of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Closely following the fatal attacks on two foreigners last week, a Bangladeshi pastor Monday survived an attempt on his life by three men who came to his home pretending to want to learn about Christianity, police and the victim said Tuesday.(AP Photo/A.M. Ahad, file)

Bangladeshi police guard the scene of one of the recent jihadi knife attacks

Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country that has seen a rash of Islamist-inspired attacks on both secular bloggers (4 have been stabbed/hacked to death in the recent months), and foreigners, Christians and other “apostates” live in constant danger. A Baptist Pastor was attacked Monday when 3 men came to him to inquire about Christianity.

From YahooNews:

“On Monday, the Rev. Luke Sarker, 52, suffered minor injuries when three men attacked him with a knife at his home in the northwestern district of Pabna, police official Siddikur Rahman said.

Sarker, the pastor of Faith Bible Church, said the men had phoned him about two weeks ago saying they wanted to visit him to learn about Christianity.

After they arrived at his home on Monday, the men suddenly attacked him with a knife and tried to slit his throat, Sarker said by telephone. But as he shouted, his wife came to his rescue and the men fled. Police later recovered a motorbike from outside his home.”

This follows a pair of attacks last week which killed a Japanese businessman and an Italian aid-worker. ISIS has claimed credit for those attacks.

“Hira owned a fishery near the farm where Hoshi was producing high-yielding grass as cattle feed and had helped the Japanese man lease the land he was farming, Karim said.

The Islamic State group issued a statement claiming responsibility for that attack, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi postings online. The report could not be independently confirmed. The Islamic State also claimed responsibility for the Sept. 28 killing of Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital.”

Bangladeshi officials are denying the claim.

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Bangladeshi Pastor survives jihadi knife-attack.

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