Batter-up New York: Let’s bring gravity-knife repeal home. (Urgent Update)

UPDATE 6-23: Urgent from Kniferights.  I will fix the formatting on this later, but right now if you are seeing this there is a different Senator that needs to hear from us.  please call now! (Scroll down to read the background and the original post)

VERY URGENT NEW YORK ACTION ALERT – CALL RIGHT NOW! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! With Knife Rights lobbyist Todd Rathner on the ground in Albany, we are still trying to figure out exactly where A.4821/S.3675 stands (the bill to “Fix” NY’s Gravity Knife Law & Stop Thousands of NYC Arrests). We were assured the bill had been “released” by Senator Nozzolio from the Codes Committee, but now we are hearing that it’s still in the committee. We are currently trying to find out the truth, but that is almost irrelevant given just hours remain in the session. WE NEED YOU TO CALL RIGHT NOW!

If you live, work or travel to New York please CALL Senator Nozzolio’s office and politely request that he “please stop playing politics with A.4821/S.3675 and send it to the Rules Committee so it can move to the floor for a vote. Pushing knife owners off for the second year in a row is not acceptable!”

Senator Nozzolio: 518-455-2366

Or email:





It’s go time New York. In case you missed it, New York’s prohibition on what they call “gravity knives” ensnares thousands of innocent knife carriers each year who are bearing tools “in common use” throughout the country. Virtually any EDC blade can fall under the incredibly vague and yet still draconian statute, even if the cops have to cheat to make it open.

Even the Village Voice thinks that these laws need to go. Writer Jon Campbell won the Freedom’s Voice Award for his piece : How a ’50s-era New York Knife Law Has Landed Thousands in Jail and related work.

At the time of this writing the bill is stalled and may actually be killed by New York Republicans in the legislature. From the Village Voice today:

“For the second year in a row, a liberal, downstate Democrat has proposed a bill designed to end the over-criminalization of pocket knives — a subject the Voice has covered extensively. And for the second year in a row, almost all the opposition to the measure has come from the Republican side of the aisle. In some cases, second-amendment-supporting Republican legislators were actively sponsoring bills to roll back restrictions on firearms even as they helped ensure that New Yorkers — overwhelmingly New Yorkers of color — continued to be arrested for possessing knives.

“It’s certainly surprising,” says Doug Ritter, director of Knife Rights, an Arizona based lobbying group that advocates for relaxing knife rights primarily on second amendment grounds. “Many of [those opposed] are upstate senators whose constituents are going to the city and getting arrested with the same pocket knives they’re carrying back home.”

If you live, work, or travel through New York State, now is the time to get this one across the finish line and end these miscarriages of justice.


June 19, 2015: URGENT ACTION ALERT New York Bill to “Fix” Gravity Knife Law & Stop Thousands of NYC Arrests Needs Your CALLs and EMAILs TODAY! Time is running out, but we are still in the fight after the NY Legislature extended its session into next week. After a major behind-the-scenes lobbying effort, the bill to “fix” New York State’s gravity knife law in an effort to protect New York City knife owners, A.4821/S.3675, has finally been released by the Senate Codes Committee and has now been assigned to the Senate Rules Committee. This bill has already passed the Assembly.

A.4821/S.3675 would require that prosecutors prove “unlawful intent” in order for someone to be prosecuted for possession of a “gravity knife.” There have been over 60,000 gravity knife prosecutions in NYC in the past 10 years with the rate doubling in recent years.

If you live, work or travel in New York, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW and EMAIL and CALL Rules Committee Chairman Senator John Flanagan RIGHT NOW and politely request that he move A.4821/S.3675 to the floor for a final vote.

CALL and EMAIL Chairman Flanagan NOW!

Phone: 518-455-2071



  1. Thanks for posting this Clay, I emailed just now and will call Monday. As an upstater I don’t have to deal with quite as many crazy city laws, but still too many.
    It’s quite crazy though that our supposedly 2nd amendment supporting Republicans are stalling this.

  2. Art says:

    These “second-amendment-amendment supporting republicans” are the same guys that rushed through NY’s Safe Act, after Sandy Hook.

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Batter-up New York: Let’s bring gravity-knife repeal home. (Urgent Update)

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