Bayonets! (and Outfitting a Revolutionary War soldier)

In honor of The Battle of Gettysburg, Independence Day, and that experiment known as America.

I found a great link from, a North Carolina history site. As they have a specific copyright notice, I am only going to post a quick blockquote.

During the war, Continental soldiers were the core of the American Revolutionary war effort. These were the men that General Washington and Congress depended most upon. Congress raised the Continental army by calling on the individual states to organize regiments of soldiers. North Carolina was asked to raise two regiments of five hundred men each. Eventually it sent ten regiments of infantry to the Continental Line. These regiments were formed into a single brigade called the North Carolina Brigade. This brigade joined Washington’s army in 1777.

The Continental infantryman had equipment that was like that of the British soldier. In addition to a musket, he carried on his right side a leather or tin cartridge box that held twenty to thirty rounds of ammunition, a musket tool, and a supply of flints. On his left side he carried his bayonet in a leather scabbard attached to a linen or leather shoulder strap. Each soldier had a haversack, usually made of linen, to carry his food rations and eating utensils. The utensils usually included a fork made of wrought iron, a pewter or horn spoon, a knife, a plate, and a cup. He also had a canteen of wood, tin, or glass to carry water. A knapsack held extra clothing and other personal items such as a razor for shaving, a tinderbox with flint and steel for starting a fire, candle holders, a comb, and a mirror. Soldiers also often carried a fishhook and some twine so that they could catch some fish when they were near a lake, creek, or river.

It goes into details of the specific pieces of kit, as well as the commonly carried firearms. Read the whole thing.

And since we are on the topic, here are 5 of the top bayonets according to The Firearms Blog:




  1. cmeat says:

    great idea for independance day.

    i hope all you guys can still count to 21 wednesday morning.

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Bayonets! (and Outfitting a Revolutionary War soldier)

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