Bear and Sons Cutlery releases new assisted-opener; is subject of “This Built America” profile


The Bear Swipe III is Bear and Sons Cultery’s latest addition to their line of assisted openers.

Bear and Son’s Cutlery is an American knife company that I first heard of when reading about their partnership with Big Green (Remington) earlier this year. While I am yet to lay my hands on one, the more I look into the company, the more I would like to. Not only do they forge their own blades at their Jacksonville, Alabama factory, they produce most of their other components in-house as well.

The Bear Swipe III is their latest addition to their line of assisted openers. You can see their latest press-release at, or you can jump to the bottom of this post.

What I am more interested in sharing with you are 3 videos from the AOL web-series “This Built America”. Documenting American companies both large and small, well-known and obscure, the entire series is quite well done.


The first screen of the companion slideshow.

The videos are only a part of the profile. There is a companion slideshow that covers more of the history, philosophy, and people that make the company what it is.

I encourage you to view the whole piece, where you can find the other two videos embedded. There is a full-screen, more immersive version where swiping down changes the captions on the photos before changing to the next slide. There is also an easier to navigate, basic version as well. The photography alone is worth a visit, even if you don’t want to take the time to watch the videos.

Bear and Sons is definitely a company I would like to learn more about. While I enjoy imported knives, especially from well-regarded companies, I prefer to carry something American made. If the knives live up to what I have seen so far, they are something I would be proud to carry.


Press Release via TheOutdoorWire:

Bear OPS® Introduces New Bear Swipe™ III Assisted Opener

Quick and easy access to the blade can be a determining factor in making a new knife choice. The new A-300-ALBK-S Bear Swipe III tactical from Bear OPS® provides a well-designed answer.

The latest in a series of Bear Swipe assisted openers, this new model offers useful features and benefits. It has a 2-3/4″satin-finish modified drop-point blade made of Sandvik 14C28N premium steel for ideal Rockwell hardness (Rc 58-60) and edge retention, as well as rust- and corrosion-resistance.

Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum, the 4-1/4″ black handle is ergonomically shaped for a sure grip, and it has a metal pocket clip for tip-down carry and quick access. Locked open, it is 7″ long and weighs 2.6 oz. The retail price is $129.99.

As are all are Bear knives, the new Bear Swipe III is made in the USA, and it is backed by Bear’s respected Lifetime Warranty. For more about the full line of Bear OPS and Bear & Son knives, visit their web site,

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Bear and Sons Cutlery releases new assisted-opener; is subject of “This Built America” profile

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