Becker BK4 Machax Prototypes Revealed


Last week on Labor Day, I had the acute pleasure of visiting with Ethan Becker at his home in eastern Tennessee. It was a fun day filled with knives, good conversation, knives, knives, woods loafing, more good conversation, knives, food, good conversation and more knives! Words can’t really express how enjoyable a time it was and how thankful I was to be welcome at his home.

I didn’t take too many photos. We were too busy whacking on stuff with prototypes of some upcoming Beckers. I can’t talk about them just yet, but I thought I would share the following pic of his early prototypes of the blade that eventually became the BK4 Machax.


The straight bladed knife was his original proof of concept, made of 4140 steel. He chose this metal not for any particular strengths, but because he was able to have it heat treated by a local gear company which used the material.

You can see the shape of the blade and handle evolving into the final form that we see today. This is only a tiny sampling of all the goodies he had to see and touch. If you ever are invited to come see this man, drop what you are doing and go. It was a good time that I will not soon forget.


Oh, I almost forgot! Ethan insisted I leave with a brand new BK16! It will pair nicely with my well worn BK9, and I’ll be adding it into my testing queue soon. Hopefully, before too long I will be able to tell you about the toys we were playing with, but I was sworn to secrecy until they have been announced/released. All I can say is, they are going to be fantastic!

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Becker BK4 Machax Prototypes Revealed

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