Benchmade Pocket Knife Tool Kit: Tiny Torx For $10

Image courtesy One Stop Knife Shop

Cleaning, lubing and adjusting a pocketknife is massively easier when you can disassemble it, but it can be hard to find small enough wrenches to fit the Torx-style fasteners that most knives are assembled with. Not anymore…

I made a special trip to the hardware store (two of them, actually) and spent $15 buying far more bits than I’ll ever use, because that was the only way to buy the three or four tiny Torx bits I needed to adjust and tighten my Benchmade 300 and Kershaw Skyline. This Benchmade tool kit has just the tiny bits you’ll need, in a clever little carrying case, for ten bucks. I wish I’d known about it then, instead of now.

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  1. jlottmc says:

    I want a set that has the little spanner wrenches for the five hole plugs. I think there may be a market for a knife set of tools, all the little torx, allen and special tools you need, all 1/4 hex bit. I’d buy that.

  2. Jim Bullock says:

    Certain Leatherman bit kits include all the tiny Torx sizes. I know because I just got one, for exactly this purpose, for around $18 AIR.

  3. Nathan says:

    I have a little Husky Torx set. I think it was a tad over $5

    1. Frank. says:

      Same here. Husky set for $6 at Home Depot. The package says free replacement for life.

  4. Christian says:

    Craftsman used to make a set that had about 40 non standard/security bits. It was pretty cheap.

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Benchmade Pocket Knife Tool Kit: Tiny Torx For $10

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