Big-Ass Survival Knife Of The Day: CRKT Ken Onion ‘Redemption’

Image courtesy CRKT

Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee would approve of CRKT’s big ‘Redemption’ survival knife, although it might be a little too tacticool for his decidedly (out)backcountry tastes. It’s got all the survival/tactical features you could shake a Modern Sporting Rifle at:  G10 scales, a Molle-compatible nylon/kydex sheath, and a 9.5 inch blade of extra-hard O1 tool steel. It tips the scales at a manly 20 ounces.

Forward-curved blades like Kukris and this Redemption don’t do anything for me aesthetically. They look too Orcish for my tastes, but I have to admit that they’re extremely functional. Large straight blades may look more elegant (to me) but they don’t have enough belly to do much normal-sized work, and they don’t have the chopping power of weighted, curved blades.

I still don’t get the purpose of all that false reverse edge, because I don’t want to be close enough to stab anything big enough to shrug off a stab from a smaller blade. Texas feral hog hunting with only a knife? Not this suburb-slicker, thanks. I don’t care how big the knife is.

The Chinese-made Redemption has an MSRP of $300, but can be found on for half of that. If that price sounds too good to be true (and some of my friends have been burned lately,) trusted sources like Knife Center also list them for $225 and thereabouts.



  1. Aharon says:

    This looks like an incredible Onion knife to consider with its 01 tool steel, G10 scales, and length. Thanks Chris.

    I’ve wondered about those false edges too. Are false edges made to give owners the option to sharpen the top edge? My Becker BK5 has a false edge running along the spine. I was informed the spine was made inward meeting at a non-sharpened point so that when cutting things ie food the cut target will open up and separate away from the slightly wider blade body more easily.

    If you ever get attacked in the PNW by a mountain lion or one of the many two-legged crazy dangerous human animals here you’re going to want a knife such as this in your hand.

  2. jwm says:

    Too heavy. A failing I’ve observed in CRKT knives in the past.

  3. ChuckN says:

    I also don’t care for the false edge. The tip looks like it might be a
    little too pointed for use as a heavy duty knife, but being made out
    of O1 probably makes up for it. The serrations on the back look
    like they’d chew up your hand if you do any serious chopping.
    I’m just going to have to get one and find out.

  4. Mark Davis says:

    Over $200 for a knife made in China? Seriously? If I wanted a knife that heavy and expensive, I’d pick up an Esse Junglas, which is made right here in the US of A. Also, the recurve blade looks hard to sharpen in a survival situation, where sharpening options might be limited. I’ll pass.

  5. din says:

    holy shizznit, CRKT made a knife with something besides AUS-4/6/8. will wonders never cease!

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Big-Ass Survival Knife Of The Day: CRKT Ken Onion ‘Redemption’

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