Big Chris Berry featured on “Behind the Awesome”

Big Chris Behind the Awesome

Our friend Big Chris Berry had his brush with internet stardom last year, when the video of his winning run at the Bladesports Middle Tennessee Cut went viral. Both the video on the People Are Awesome page and a humorous parody by the Ozzy Man have more than 1.6 Million views apiece.

Seriously… If you have not watched this…Just do:

Now the People are Awesome people are awesomely back with a new video series titled “Behind the Awesome”. Chris, being their number 2 video of 2017, was the subject of their first BTS mini-documentary which just went live.

This one is well on its way to million-plus as well. Way to go buddy!

Internet stardom could not happen to a nicer guy.





  1. Sam L. says:

    Wow; a Double Feature!

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Big Chris Berry featured on “Behind the Awesome”

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