Bizarre Knife Use of the Day: Decapitated animals found behind San Diego thrift store

  Today I learned several things. Apparently animal sacrifice is legal in California. It was never something I gave much thought to. I did know that it is a tenant in Santaria and other religions. From NBCSanDiego:

“Employees of a North Park thrift store were shocked to find animal carcasses in the alleyway near the store on Thursday morning.

They found a goat, two roosters and a dove, which had all been beheaded.

“We didn’t know why something like that would be out there and what it meant,” said Tracy Lamb, manager of the Alliance for African Assistance Thrift Store.

What the employees learned from authorities was equally as surprising.

Animal Services investigators said it’s legal for those animals to be decapitated for a religious sacrifice as long as it’s done humanely and the bodies aren’t dumped somewhere, which was what happened near the store on El Cajon Boulevard.

Further, California law states that cattle, sheep, poultry and birds can be sacrificed, but not dogs or cats.”

I haven’t been able to discern if animal sacrifice is legal in Tennessee, though I imagine it probably isn’t. I did learn that a 1993 Supreme Court ruling did allow for the it in the course of religious practice.   There was a story of animal decapitation in Knoxville that lasted for several news cycles this summer, though this was for a completely different reason…


A story of animal decapitation in Knoxville lasted several news cycles this summer.

What was originally touted as an extreme case of animal cruelty drew a flood of social media attention from PETA, ASPCA, and others. A reward pool was set up for information leading to a conviction. Turns out however, no crime may have been committed. From

“A DNA test showed the animals were not domesticated, which rules out dogs. Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones ordered the DNA test after a necropsy brought different medical opinions about whether they were dogs.

It is believed the animals may have been coyotes skinned for their pelts, which is not a crime. The reward for information in the case increased to $24,500 earlier on Friday after another donation was pledged.

KCSO says it thanks everyone who pledged money, but the case is now closed.”

It is sad that a couple of dead animals can draw an almost $25k reward. Children killed by gang-bangers get no such attention. Aborted fetuses are treated not as an abomination, rather as a commodity.

Wherever there is Animal Worship there is Human Sacrifice. That is, both symbolically and literally, a real truth of historical experience. — G. K. Chesterton, “On Seriousness,” The Uses of Diversity (1920). via National Review


  1. cmeat says:

    mmm… goat.
    bread crumbs and a trout seine will net our haitian friends a pile of rock dove (pigeon). that which doesn’t become ritualized may wind up in china town or on a persian restaurant menu as squab.
    these birds along with starlings, sparrows and monk parakeets are not protected in illinois.
    i hope seagulls become targeted as they cause high bacteria counts in the lake water.

    1. Best meal I ever had was a goat stew in Kenya. We had been in the field for a month, and it was the first non-fish fresh meat we had eaten in about that long.

  2. Harry says:

    “Tracy Lamb, manager of the Alliance…”

    1. Dude. Good catch. I totally missed that.

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Bizarre Knife Use of the Day: Decapitated animals found behind San Diego thrift store

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