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From the deepest depths of uselessness, the Half Dollar Knife.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has slept off the food coma. David and Nathan are going to be combing the Black Friday deals from various online knife retailers and will be posting updates on our Facebook Page and Twitter feeds.  Be sure to follow us there for the latest as we find it.

In the mean time I have a few links for you to peruse whether you are waiting in line or comfortably ensconced on your couch. Leading off is an item from the deepest depths of uselessness.  The blog says it best when they describe the “Half Dollar Knife”:

“No, not a knife that costs a half-dollar! It’s a way-too-expensive knife that LOOKS like a half dollar. Which isn’t really that covert, considering nobody carries around half-dollars these days.”

For those who want to actually own this fine piece of something, it can be found at Sportsman’s Guide.


A knife wielding would be robber in Osaka, Japan was thwarted by “scanner-Fu”.

A convenience store clerk in Osaka, Japan employed his price scanner and a tone of paternal scolding to both disarm and shame a would be robber.


Let me set the scene: It’s four in the morning on November 25 in a dead silent Family Mart convenience store in Kitakawahori-cho of the Tennoji Ward. Only one clerk, a 41-year-old man, shuffles silently about the store. A young man (teens to twenties) of medium build, but a little on the short side at 150-160cm (about 5ft), comes in and asks for a pack of cigarettes.

According to the clerk’s statement, while he was behind the register scanning the barcode on the cigarette pack, the customer pulled out a knife, probably a sharp kitchen knife of some kind, and a bag. The customer-turn-robber threatened the clerk with the knife and demanded the money from the register be emptied into the bag. (I’d say the robber was doing a pretty good job so far, at least he was prepared.)

I don’t know if it was a fatherly instinct to scold the young fella (being twice the robber’s age) or he’s just the coolest convenience store clerk in the region, but he used the barcode scanner, which he was already holding, tosimply knock the knife out of the unsuspecting robber’s hand, and yelled, “Stop it! Get out of here!” Obediently, the unsuccessful robber did as he was told. He grabbed his knife (and nothing else) and hightailed it out of the store. Good boy.”


Abbotswood Junior School was the scene of a horrifying incident. A student had a Swiss Army Knife.

From our hoplophobic friends in Jolly ole’ England comes this harrowing tale of a 10 year old who produced a Swiss Army Knife in front of other students. It is unclear whether or not he actually threatened anyone, and if so that is obviously deserving of punishment, but the pathetic tone of the article made me both shake my head and laugh.

From The Daily Echo UK:

“Officers say the knife was “visible” to fellow pupils but are refusing to discuss claims that one of them was threatened with the blade.

The shocking incident occurred at Abbotswood Junior School in Totton.

Last night mums voiced their anger and dismay after it emerged that the youngster had taken a Swiss army knife to the school.

They claimed that some parents had kept their children away from Abbotswood amid fears for the youngsters’ safety.

One mum, who did not want to be named, said: “A pupil threatened another pupil with a flip knife in the school grounds.

“A few parents are worried and have not sent their children to school today.

“We all think parents should be made aware of this via a letter but they are keeping it quiet.

“What was this child doing with a knife, even taking it to school? Our children need to be made aware of the dangers of weapons.”

Another mum said the boy had not returned to school since the incident, which occurred before lessons started.

She added: “I was horrified when I heard what had happened.”

Totton town and district councillor Di Brooks is a former chairman of governors at Abbotswood.

She said: “It’s horrific that something like this can happen at a junior school. You hear about inner city secondary schools being equipped with metal scanners but someone of this age carrying a knife is very worrying.”

Totton county councillor David Harrison added: “This sounds like a very serious and unusual incident.

“It’s something that should never happen anywhere, let alone in a school environment.”

Yikes. These people sound like they are about to develop a case of the vapors. Pass the smelling salts.

Finally, I don’t know much about Korean culture, but apparently there are some there that still practice shamanism. One of the initiation rituals includes dancing on sharp knives. They can’t be too sharp, if I were to lick many of my knives like in the video, I would slice my tongue in two.  This 4 minute video from National Geographic is relatively interesting regardless.

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Black Friday Link Dump

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