Blackfeather Knives unveils Mid-Tech Bushcraft Knives

On a reader suggestion, I went over to the Blackfeather Knives booth at BLADE Show and met the owner Joe Hunnicut. I’m glad I did. In addition to some awesome handmade knives, he was also debuting his new line of mid-tech knives which are kicking off with his Woodsman model.

The Woodsman has been one of Blackfeather’s best sellers and it is easy to see why. It combines the blade from his Bushtool model and the handle from his Woodlore-inspired Blacklore model, and adds some very comfortable thumb-scallops for good measure.

The blade is roughly 4 1/4″ long and steel is 1/8″ thick O1 with a scandivex grind and a crisp 90-degree spine. It doesn’t get much more bushcrafty than that! The removable micarta scales are CNC-machined and then fitted by hand to the blades.

The knife felt great in the hand and the balance was superb. I especially liked how deep the thumb scallops are, allowing you to pinch almost right on the blade steel.

Cost for the Woodman at the show was $200 plus $50 for a leather sheath. Handle colors available are black, green, and red/black micarta.

This is just the first model that Joe is releasing as a mid-tech. Next up will be his PTK Jr. which is a tiny bit larger and just a bit beefier with 5/32″ O1. Look for that soon on

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Blackfeather Knives unveils Mid-Tech Bushcraft Knives

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