Blade Show 2013: Gaston Fine Hunting Knife

Gaston $8k Fine Hunting Knife (courtesy The Truth About Knives)

Gaston is, of course, the son of Gaston Glock, the man who destroyed the argument that revolvers are more reliable than a modern mass-produced semi-automatic pistol. Strange, then, that his son is so old school that the motto for his knife collection is “We keep history in knives.” The blade above is an eight thousand dollar fine hunting knife made of Mosaic Damascus steel. As well it should be. But it’s the scrimshaw work that makes this piece wikkid pissa (as we Rhode Islanders are wont to say). Gaston himself was on hand to explain the care and time required to create the Viking warrior and sailing ship (image after the jump). In German. So . . . check out the sheath. It’s a gorgeous piece of perfectly crafted, indeed fragrant leather with a sharkskin liner. No question: Gaston sweats the details. One wonders what he’d do with a modern piece . . .

Gaston $8k Fine Hunting Knife Viking Ship (courtesy The Truth About Knives)


  1. Phydeaux says:

    Wow, your Blade Show coverage really sucks. I would expect more than 5 or 6 posts for one day rather than that number for the fist 2 days. Product announcements? Knife photos? Pictures of well known knife makers?

    1. pastubbs says:

      Agreed I was there and I have to say there was a lot to look at. There where a ton of custom knives, but what I really liked was lionSteel’s new SR2. Sadly they wouldn’t sell me one because there not in production yet. Also the new stone wash finish Zero Tolerances is using on there upcoming product line is amazing. And a lot more I should have taken some pictures but I was too busy breaking my neck looking back and forward at all the blades, there was so many blades.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    I’d certainly love to have one of those, if not pay for it. It’s pretty awesome. Not as good as an old one that looks like that would be, of course, because it’s never been used. But really nice nonetheless.

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Blade Show 2013: Gaston Fine Hunting Knife

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