Blade Show 2013: New Benchmade Barrage 586

Benchmade 586 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Benchmade’s Barrage 581 (top) is a top seller. Right answer. The blade’s made of M390 steel. It incorporates the maker’s famously strong AXIS [of evil] Assist locking mechanism and combines G10 grips with 410SS stainless steel. And it’s purdy, thanks to designer Warren Osborne’s eye for elegance. No wonder, then, that Benchmade’s made a smaller version (2.91″ blade length vs. 3.60″) to capitalize on the 581’s ability to generate profits. Yes, well, there is that. Trading down saves you $10, bringing the 586’s price to between $215 to $230 MSRP depending on grips and blade. You’d have be sitting pretty, financially speaking, to pay that kind of freight for an everyday carry. But if you feel pretty in pink you can buy sister brand Lone Wolf’s new hot pink Mini-Landslide for less ($75). Make the jump to see the blade I couldn’t buy for my daughter—’cause they just started shipping them . . .

Lone Wolf folder (courtesy The Truth About Knives)


  1. Chris Dumm says:

    Great! Now my daughter wants one too. How much is it gonna cost me?

  2. Matt in FL says:

    Those Barrrages are nice looking knives, but I just don’t have that kind of disposable income for that purpose right now. Think how much stuff I can buy for the ARs I’m building with that.

  3. Tyler says:

    I own the mini barrage and I recommend it to anyone that wants a amazing edc, its outstanding for the price as well. Great job Benchmade!

  4. NavyRetGold says:

    This article really got my attention because I want a 581 Barrage more than just about any other knife at the moment, but not that ridiculous serrated blade shown in the article. Also not interested in a mini anything. The only thing slowing me down is the two bill price tag. I own a 580 Barrage and it’s awesome as well, at a little over one bill. I’m not sure I would actually carry an expensive high end knife like that, since I rarely carry the 580. My EDC is a Kershaw Black Blur, which along with the gun (Kahr K9), I do not leave the house without. On days that I think I might need it, the O-Light T15 is also in my pocket. I bought a Zero Tolerance 301 for days when I need to venture into the really rough section of the city, but have yet to carry it. Consider me a “self-identified knife guy.”

  5. Tyler says:

    @NavyRetGold it’s worth the money, I picked one up a little ago or you should look into getting a bm griptillain which aren’t small at all but a awesome knife as well

  6. Jonathan says:

    I don’t have a lot of money, but I can still afford expensive, because I only own a few knives. A concealed carry folder, that meets all local laws, a large fixed blade for hiking, etc., and a small Case for when travelling. I also have a Gerber that was given to me, but I never use it so it doesn’t count.

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Blade Show 2013: New Benchmade Barrage 586

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