Blade Show 2013: Omnivore Blade-Works iMamba Tactical Tomahawk

Weapon maker Jared Corry looks a bit like a tall Tom Hanks. As Corry explains the advantages of  Self Reliance Essentials’ line of edged weapons, he sounds a bit Gump-like. But make no mistake: Correy’s thought through the practical applications of every single one of his metal meisterwerks. He designed the fearsome iMamba with a Rwandan native who claimed first-hand experience with tomahawk fighting—presumably on the giving not the getting side of the equation. When Corry’s cousin held up the great white shark-tooth inspired Megalodon fighting knife for a photo (after the jump) I asked Jared if the blade was bullet resistant. He smiled, quickly. He’s working on a pair or blades that will double as rifle plates. Or vice versa. Either way, you can bet Corry will have the ergonomics sussed out before the product hits the market . . .

Omnivore Blade Works stabby thingie (courtesy The Truth About Knives)


  1. Mark Davis says:

    That ‘hawk is bad ass. I want one.

    1. Robert Farago says:

      Yes. Yes it is.

  2. jwm says:

    That shark tooth knife actually reminds me a little of the combat smatchet with an added handgaurd and shorter blade.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    The ‘hawk is nice, but the knife is pretty fantastic looking.

  4. Jared Corry says:

    The career soldier who inspired this design actually grew up in Rhodesia, not Rwanda. He worked with some of their special forces from a very early age.

  5. Pat says:

    $550 is a little rough. Cold Steel Vietnam hawk is around $25, though (clearly) far short of this thing. Aside from the part on the lower handle messing with the spikes (which is a bit short) use as a primary edge, the thing is pretty cool.

  6. The “Hawk” is one mean ass of a knife…used it personally myself and it sure kicks ass but it’s a little bit high on the price

  7. Tom A Hawk says:

    im not sure about this tomahawk but i got a cheapy 30 dollar one for my first one and it was awesome. i still have it today along with a collection it ins[ired. i started a website just for tomahawks after relying on one so much during a camping trip even though i brought it just to throw. this is my site its new so comment and like my stuff if you actually read it. its reviews of a bunch of different hawks

  8. This knife looks good but everyone is not interested on a much expensive knife like this.Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a cool knife! I love this shark-tooth knife.

  10. E Coats says:

    Those of you comparing Jareds Weapons with , the likes of SOG , COLD STEEL, etc , need to hang out in one of the custom makers shops and watch what go’s into the making of a full on combat / Survival weapon . the R&D and through to the final testing and chosen design will convince you that unlike he Commercial makers , This is a passion and life long dream for most to produce something of caliber for use in protecting / saving lives in the real world. As a maker I can tell you selling to the public something you created from scratch , using years of blood, Sweat, and talent is akin to selling a child , Not done by most for just Money.. God Bless…

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Blade Show 2013: Omnivore Blade-Works iMamba Tactical Tomahawk

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