Blade Show 2013: Robson Knives Orange X-46

Pink Robson Knives X-46s (courtesy The Truth About Knives)

Robson Knives Idaho makes the weighty X-46. It’s fashioned from a single piece of A2 steel hardened to RC:58 with a 1/4″ thick blade (10″ diameter hollow grind). It’s got a full guard with a hollow oval handle capacious enough for a lighter, condom and a couple of doobies (or other survival items). And it’s not black! OK, you can buy it in black. Many people do. But Darrell Robson’s cottoned-on to the pink gun phenomena and produced this bad boy in some decidedly girly colors. The $495 Coast Guard Orange CeraKote X-46 is the real stunner [pic after the jump]. Close inspection reveals that the knife maker’s adaptation of the painting process lacks the durability that Mr. Robson and his customers require. A tough-as-nails Blaze Orange X-46 is the goal. They’re on it. And they’re on to something. Lyn Thompson of Cold Steel tells me his company’s experimenting with colored handles. So . . . it’s a trend. Updates as and when . . .

Robson Knives Idaho X-46 (courtesy The Truth ABout Kinves)


  1. Matt in FL says:

    One thing’s for sure: if you drop your hot pink knife on the camping trip with your buddies, they’re gonna give it back.

    I never understood putting Realtree and the like on things like knives and binocs. If you drop them from a tree into a heavy leaf-fall, you’re never gonna find ’em.

  2. Robert Farago says:

    I know, right?

  3. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do a thing.
    This is one of those times.

    Yep, that Pepto Bismol pink should make a real fashion statement in the
    woods, what with all those vicious flamingo’s lurking in the under-brush.

    Hey, does that garish day-glo orange, A2 steel, hardened to RC:58 with a
    1/4″ thick blade (10″ diameter hollow grind), float? I’m no expert, but I
    thought that a positively buoyant handle was a Coast Guard requirement.
    A lot of good a dropped knife will do ya if it’s on its way to Davey Jones.
    Just sayin’.

    1. Robert Farago says:

      Not a big fan of water. But I sea your point.

      1. bluesman007 says:

        Well done. That was so bad it hurt.

    2. Jenkins 5 says:

      These look like dildos dipped in Pepto. I think Ron Jeremy would get off on these. These guys missed their calling because this isn’t one of them!

      1. Skyline says:

        Yep, they do sort of look like pink ribbed dildos. They should run an add in Hustler.

  4. Jalene Tolrud says:

    AWESOME pictures!!! I do love them.

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Blade Show 2013: Robson Knives Orange X-46

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