BLADE Show 2015: Benchmade 2015 Releases


One of the booths I was definitely looking forward to this year was Benchmade. I’ve been in contact with one of their reps via email, and it was good to finally put a face to the name. Not to mention seeing all of the knives! Their booth spanned 3 or 4 spaces, and had separate demarcations for their HUNT line, the knives they make for Heckler & Koch, and the Benchmade brand proper.

They didn’t have anything new for BLADE, but I did get to play around a bit with some of the 2015 releases from SHOT Show.


Chief among those was the 3320 Pagan, a double-edged OTF design that brings the same robust internals of the 3300 Infidel to a package that is friendlier to your wallet.


Part of how they get the price down is due to the amount of work that goes into the handles. It takes less time to machine the simpler shape, and as a bonus it is less aggressive on your hand and on your pocket.

The Pagan (left) and Infidel side by side.

The Pagan (left) and Infidel side by side.

Same goes for the blade itself. In addition to being made of less expensive 154CM (the Infidel sports D2), the blade is chisel ground, another simplification in the manufacturing process. The OTF action was highly addictive. Too bad I can’t carry one in Maryland!


Another new knife they had on hand was the 112 H2O Fixed Blade. It is a knife that is at home in wet environments, but isn’t exclusively considered a a dive knife, although it should work great in that regard.


The 3 1/2″ full-tang blade is made of N680 for excellent corrosion resistance and the knife is available with either yellow or black overmolded rubber handles. The sheath is molded plastic and has a thumb-lever release that holds the knife in until you actuate the lever.


The last one I shot was a beast of an Axis-lock folder, the 808 Loco. I’m still a little unsure about the curved handle, but the feel was definitely robust. The wide-chord S30V blade was a monster and you can’t really go wrong with any Axis equipped knife!

Click here for  Benchmade’s full 2015 catalogs.

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BLADE Show 2015: Benchmade 2015 Releases

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