BLADE Show 2015: Fiddleback Forge Production Series

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Andy Roy, the owner of Fiddleback Forge, is a knife designer whose work I have been admiring from afar for some time. I visited his booth at BLADE Show 2015 and the customs he had on display did not dissapoint. They were absolutely gorgeous, and one of his drop point designs really caught my eye but was, sadly, outside of my price range.

Fiddleback Forge has also just recently launched a mid-tech production line of four of Roy’s most popular custom designs (more patterns will arrive at a later time). From smallest to largest they are the Runt, Hiking Buddy, Bushfinger, and Camp Knife. Details after the jump…

All components of of the Fiddleback production line are made in the USA. They have found that the quality they get is superior by doing this, especially for the contoured and textured micarta handles. The blade blanks are waterjet cut and cnc machined by Larkin Precision Machining and heat treated by Peters Heat Treat. The micarta scales are also cnc machined. Leather sheaths for all the knives are made by JRE Industries.

The final edge and all finishing work is performed by hand in the Fiddleback shop. Steel on the smaller knives is S35VN, and the Camp Knife is CPM 3V and they all feature a stonewashed finish. Unlike on many of the FF customs, the tangs are not tapered, and the they are flat ground as opposed to a convex grind.

Blade specs are listed below, and the links point to the Fiddleback Forge blog posts on each knife.

The Runt (no link available) has a ⅛” thick blade that measures 1.9” from tip to scale.
The Hiking Buddy has a ⅛” thick blade that measures 3 ⅜” from tip to scale.
The Bushfinger has a 5/32” thick blade that measures 4 ⅛” from tip to scale.
The Camp Knife has a 3/16” thick blade that measures 6 ⅜” from tip to scale.

And just for fun, here is a link to a blog post of theirs on batoning. This one is for you Spencer!


  1. Spencer says:

    Much appreciated, David. After perusing the link provided above I can’t wait to baton and pound the hell out of my vintage Marbles knife.

    1. Haha, now I’m just picking on ya!

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BLADE Show 2015: Fiddleback Forge Production Series

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