BLADE Show 2015: Spyderco Mid-Year Releases


Spyderco was on a roll at BLADE Show 2015. Not only did they pick up two Knife of the Year Awards – Imported Knife of the Year for the Nirvana, and Best Buy of the Year for the Byrd Cara Cara 2 – they also had a slew of new products on display. Some old favorites have been updated, and some new contenders are ready for action.

I photographed a bunch of the new releases that they had on hand, too many to cover in one post, so I’ll hit on some of the one’s Clay and I got excited about. Lets start with that byrd knife.


The byrd series has always provided a budget friendly entree to the Spyderco lineup. A new version of the Cara Cara 2 ups the ante with solid titanium scales. Design is otherwise the same as the standard knife. Full flat grind, backlock, and four-position clip mean the knife should be a good fit for a wide range of people. I’m seeing these available for pre-order online around the $65 mark.


The steel on the Native5 G10 was recently upgraded, and now it is the turn of the Native5 Lightweight. You can now get the lovely S35VN with the textured FRN scales common in Spyderco’s lineup. They aren’t as satisfying to hold as G10, but they weigh less and should cost a bit less as well.


If you have lusted after the Spyderco Southard flipper, but wanted something a bit smaller, the Southard/Spyderco Positron might interest you. It looks like it would make a nice gentleman’s folder as well. The 3.01” blade is stonewashed S30V with a liner lock. Carbon fiber scales and a wire deep carry clip complete the package. The ergonomics on this one felt very good and the flipper flipper’ed nicely on its ball bearing pivot.


A new Delica and Endura sprint-run is on the books as well. The blades will be made of laminated steel. HAP40, a high-speed powder metallurgy tool steel, makes up the edge portion and the sides of the blade are comprised of SUS 410, a martensitic stainless. The burnt-orange FRN handles are little darker than the standard orange available on the VG-10 versions of these knives.

Spyderco brought along two fixed blades that feature S90V steel, and both look the business.


The Sprig is one that caught Clay’s eye almost immediately, and with good reason. It is based on knifemaker Phil Wilson’s bird-and-trout knife. The blade is just over 4” and is full-flat ground with a distal taper. The scales are forest green G10.


The Proficient jumped out at me even more. Like the simlarly shaped Spyderco Bushcraft, this knife was designed by Bushcraft UK’s Chris Claycomb. Instead of a scandi-ground carbon steel blade, this S90V beauty has a full flat grind. The scales are carbon fiber and the knife will come with a leather sheath.

There was even more on display; these are just a few that got our motor running. To see the rest of Spyderco’s new releases, along with complete specs, click here for the 2015 Mid-Year Catalog.

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  1. jlottmc says:

    I have the first generation Cara Cara knife and love it. I bought it to fill in for a first generation Endura that while still as sturdy as the day I bought it used, holds sentimental value for me. That Cara Cara is a heavy beast with those stainless handles. It cuts well, but tends to develop rust spots if I carry it often (I sweat like no other here in TX, and work with lots of water). I love me some Spyderco, and am also curious as to what S90V brings to the table.

  2. Roger says:

    I love spyderco, but I don’t see the point of bringing an upper price point to the Byrd line.

  3. Sean says:

    I just got my phil wilson sprig, its absolutely awesome, so far only used it in the kitchen as a boss paring knife but soon it will be hitting the water, absolutely worth the cost its a fantastic slicer, sheath is great too for a basic kydex (boltotron or whatever the material is called) style, very good retention and functional albeit not the most attractive.

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BLADE Show 2015: Spyderco Mid-Year Releases

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