BLADE Show 2016: The “Best of the Rest” – Video Edition

As I explained in my first “Best of the Rest” post, covering the BLADE show is like drinking from a firehose. There is no way to cover it all. I do think that TTAK has had some of the most comprehensive text-based coverage out there. That said, our video game is pretty weak. It is a skill set that I just haven’t developed, though David and I have been trying to add more video clips to our Instagram (@knifetruth) in the last couple of months.

There are plenty of channels putting out great knife content all the time, but BLADE brings out the A-game for the best of them. I have spent a few days pulling together what I consider some of the “Best of the Rest” of the YouTube Video-blogging world. For most of these videos, I suggest you visit their individual channels because they all visited many booths and put out a ton of great content beyond what I am bringing you here.

It is only fitting that I kick things off with a video from our friend Tim Carpenter of EveryDayTacticalVids. I met Tim at CRKT Chopfest at my first show in 2014. I have been enjoying his stuff ever since. I am kicking myself for not dropping him an email before the show, because I never managed to hook up with him this year while I was there. In this video, he is interviewing Joe Flowers, designer for Condor and TOPS, as well as head of Bushcraft Global. David met him camping at the BeckerHead gathering IIRC before introducing me to him at the show, and I have a feeling that Joe and my paths will cross again soon. I certainly hope so.

BladeHQ’s Channel has probably the most comprehensive coverage of any I found. Not only did they do great booth visits, they posted this great “Balisong Battle” with the HOM Basilisk.–dJc

I met the guys behind SurvivalOnPurpose while watching a demonstration at the WickedSharp booth. Their’s wasn’t a channel I had been familiar with, but it turns out to be quite expansive and I look forward to bringing you more of their videos going forward. This video is a Q&A with Schrade, a legacy US company that is now manufacturing knives in China. Their US operations are headquartered in Knigsport, TN. I need to learn more about the current iteration of the company as they are a medium-large operation that I know little about.

I know nothing about the Medieval Review Channel, but I enjoyed meeting the folks at Badger Blades, a maker of fully functional historical and fantasy swords.

Finally I will leave you with the first half of the Wieners and Steel podcast. It is a mix of entertaining banter and close-up table-top examination of the knives. Not everyone likes the length or style of their podcasts, but for those that do they offer a unique perspective on the show.

Feel free to post any videos I might have missed or not included if you find something that is particularly good. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the sights and sounds of BLADE Show 2016. If you missed any of our coverage of this year’s show, you can see it all here.

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BLADE Show 2016: The “Best of the Rest” – Video Edition

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