Blade Show 2016: The Haul

Howdy folks. I am pretty whooped tonight. I will have a comprehensive review of the show in the next couple of days, as well as combing through the show coverage from other media outlets to bring you the “Best of the Rest”.

Tonight I am just going to document the haul of knives, swag, and other items I brought back from the show – much of it for our readers, including a small Kim Breed Knife for our Facebook contest winner. I don’t have a terribly intellectual post in me tonight.


Spyderco Ambitious. Thank-you gift for donating to the KnifeRights Ultimate Steel Giveaway.

Like last year, the first knife I acquired came from the KnifeRights booth. This year it is a Spyderco Ambitious, laser etched with the Knife Rights logo on one side, and the phrase “All Knives Matter” on the other. It is the thank-you gift (along with a 1-year KnifeRights membership) for a $100 donation to the Ultimate Steel Giveaway. It also came with 9 entries for the approximately $170k in prizes.


My new Carter Cutlery. Tomatoes beware.

Breaking with my usual M.O., I actually made my major knife purchase on Friday evening. Typically, my Dutch and Scottish roots do not allow me to pull out and open my wallet without a considerable amount of squealing. However, I didn’t want to miss my chance to finally buy my first Murray Carter Funayuki kitchen knife. I had gone into the show intending to buy one, and I pulled the trigger towards close of day.


Big Chris Custom fillet knife in 10V steel.

My final knife for me is a 10V fillet knife from Big Chris Custom Knives. If you read his 5 from the Grinder, you know that he favors making knives with relatively thin blades which have an unexpectedly light and nimble feel in the hand. When I picked up the knife for the first time, I immediately loved it. The truth is I have an overabundance of bushcraft-style blades right now, but have never owned a high-quality fillet knife. I remedied that situation Sunday morning when I purchased the knife.


This frog gig will make an excellent addition to a Bug Out Bag.

I bought one other tool that is not actually a knife. Joe Flowers, designer for Condor and TOPS and purveyor of Bushcraft Global brought a bunch of homemade frog gigs. I have never owned a real one, though I made an improvised one in my Benchmade Steep Country testing. This one has a screw on the backside for attaching to a shaft. It is so light an flat, that it should be a useful and unobtrusive addition to my Bug Out Bag.

Speaking of Bug Out Bags, all books at the BLADE Magazine table were on $5 clearance. I bought Creek Stewart’s new Survival Hacks book on Friday when he was at the show signing them, but was able to complete my set with Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle, Build the Perfect Bug Out Survival Skills, and Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag. I also picked up a couple of more bushcraft/survival books, the 2015 Knife Guide, and a book on knifemaking. I was also given a second copy of Survival Hacks which will be a reader prize when I can figure out another contest.

Speaking of contests, we have been running a “Facebook blitz” where we first put together a sticker list for readers who shared our posts. Swag-stickers will go out soon, as will the “All Knives Matter” bumper stickers from KnifeRights to those who signed up on our FaceBook Page.


A Kim Breed Custom is our best contest prize to date.

The second part of the contest is even better. And by better I mean an actual Kim Breed custom knife better. This morning I purchased a small Breed for the Facebook follower who recruits the greatest number of new “page likers”. There is an “invite friends” button, and if you get your friends to like our page all you have to do is have them send a message saying they “liked” us at your suggestion. The person with the most referrals wins the knife. I will mention this again when I set an end date, but get your invitations out early and often, and don’t forget to have them let us know so you get the credit.

So that is this year’s haul from the show. Thank you for reading our Blade Show 2016 coverage, and thank you for all of your support.

Please check out our Instagram and Twitter as well for more content, especially photos, that didn’t make it onto the blog.


  1. I’m actually really happy that Clay bought that Big Chris! Chris is a good dude, and that Murray Carter is awesome!

    1. I’m happy too. I just bought some wild sockeye to play around with.

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Blade Show 2016: The Haul

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