BLADE Show 2017: Day 3 Roundup -Part 1

As our reputation has grown, so has the swag pile. We will be doing another Reader Essay Contest soon.

The dust has settled, and I have settled into my chair back home to try to put down a few thoughts about Day 3 of BLADE Show 2017. This is not going to be anything too profound, I will have a “final-thoughts” post this week once I have had some time to digest the weekend. David and I will both have lots more related posts, as we both have a slew of material to organize and develop. Keep coming back – because while the show is over, our coverage continues…

Sunday morning of BLADE is always interesting as there are thousands of people who first-time one-day visitors, but there is a different energy and vibe from those who are on Day 3 (or more if you count travel and setup). People are saying their goodbyes one minute and switching back to “show-mode” the next. I guess you could say things have a somewhat schizophrenic feeling. Especially with the empty tables of those makers who have sold-out for the weekend.

I did go around and say goodbyes as well as meet some new small makers for the first time while browsing the tables. I bought a couple of knives, I had a really great booth visit with SOG, and I spoke with Dan Lawson of Microtech and AKTI.


Hey folks: I am going to need to make a hard break in my post right now. I spent an hour on the phone with Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm, and responded to an email from Rick Klug of SOG, with whom I had abovementioned “great visit” and it is 12:30am. I am going to be visiting the Elishewitz’s tomorrow for their annual “BLADE Show Recovery Party”, a multi-day gathering they host with out-of-town friends who came to the area for the show. I really need to get some sleep. But I won’t have time to write more until tomorrow night. So I will leave you some knife porn of my two purchases. I will write about them in more as well as the topics above in Part 2 of this post.

Canadian Belt Knife by David W. Manley


Tighe Fighter Small (Auto) from Brian Tighe and Friends – his mid-tech label.


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BLADE Show 2017: Day 3 Roundup -Part 1

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