BLADE Show 2017: “The Haul”

I shared just the “Swag Pile” the other night, and I added my personal acquisitions to the pile for the photo above. Almost all of the swag is destined to make up the prize pool for the Reader Essay Contest we will soon formally announce.

I want to start by thanking our t-shirt donors: Robert Young Pelton’s DPx Gear, Microtech Knives, and Buck and Bear Knives. Following that I want to thank SOG for  donating both a Centi II knife, and a MACV keychain tool. There are a couple of swag-packs from Smoky Mountain Knife Works, and stickers from too many companies and makers to name. Thank you to all.

The first knife is slated to be the Grand Prize, unless a knife company wants to step up and have a contest named after them. It is a White River Knives “Backpacker” , and was purchased with funds provided by Mr. Farago.

The Backpacker is hands down the most comfortable skeletonized neck-knife I have ever held. The finger choil is rounded dramatically, and I can’t imagine it ever creating a hot-spot on your hand. It is made from S30V and frankly, I hate that I am going to have to give it up.

The Morakniv Kansbol was actually provided to us by Stig from Tormek, not actually Mora. Tormek will be giving these away as part of a promotion for their Limited Edition T-4 which will come in the same shade of green housing, and include the knife and axe jigs with the unit. I believe it will be sold for $450, which is a great deal since the jigs themselves are expensive. I have and use both with my older Tormek unit. “Mora” on that when it is formally announced.

Here are the Centi II and MACV tool I mentioned above, courtesy of SOG.

Now onto my personal acquisitions.

I will start by mentioning the one testing loaner I recieved at the show. It is a Guardian 3S by Bradford Knives, and it is a cool concept. Their knives are customizable, where you choose the blade shape, scale material, and sheath. They build a knife to your specs. I chose the Sheepsfoot with Micarta scales, but they have clip, drop-points, and wharncliffes as well. They have other styles and sizes as well.

My first personal purchase was a “Carver” by Dogwood Custom Knives. It fills a glaring niche-hole in my lineup, and I wanted to support a maker who is becoming a friend. As awesome as his more bushcraft-oriented blades are, I just can’t justify purchasing another 4″ bushcraft knife. Look for some more spoons in the near future.

Purchase #2 was a Canadian Belt Knife by David W. Manley, whom I would link to but he is old-school and doesn’t have a website. David Andersen has his thing for Nessmuks, I tend to favor the classy, serpentine lines (and wonderful ergonomics) of the venerable Canadian Belt Knife. This one is 440C Stainless with camel-bone scales.

My final purchase was from Brian Tighe and Friends, Brian’s mid-tech/production line. Made in small batches in the USA under Brian’s supervision, their “Tighe Fighter -small” was the one I chose to buy. The link is to the flipper version. Mine is the automatic, but it isn’t available online.

The last 2 knives I acquired were from Knife Rights. A couple of you have grumbled that you hadn’t received your gift knife from entering the Knife Rights Ultimate Steel Giveaway. They are coming, it has been a very busy time for their very small staff. Please be patient, they are on their way now that the show is over. Instapundit Readers: If you want to support Knife Rights, please consider supporting Knife Rights Ultimate Steel giveaway. The prize pool stands at more than $200k in knives guns, and gear. 

I technically only should have received the SOG Flash II for my $100 donation/entry, but was given an ESEE Izula (the $200 gift) when I arrived to say goodbye Sunday as they were boxing them up. I could hardly refuse the offer. Thanks Sue!

So that is the 2017 BLADE Show haul. I should hopefully be receiving a few more items in the mail in the coming weeks, and will post about those when they arrive.

Start thinking about essay topics. You could win some cool prizes for your submissions.



  1. Sam L. says:

    That Canadian Belt Knife is a beauty, but I have to ask, how does one carve a Canadian Belt?

  2. Mike Daley says:

    I recently saw a TV segment on DeRosiers knives & how they’re made, extremely impressed. Of course I’m far from knowledgeable regarding the world of knifes so, I’m curious about your opinion? Tnx!

  3. Jon M. says:

    I have a spear point Bradford in M390 and it is impressive as hell. They’re doing some great work and are definitely underrated in my opinion. Still not sold on the sheath however…

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BLADE Show 2017: “The Haul”

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