Blade Show 2018: “The Haul” (HCA Edition)

Blade Show Haul

As is my post-Blade Show tradition, I put out a post of my “haul” from the show. This year’s take included 4 knives, some tchotchkes from Wilmont Grinders, and a plethora of morale patches, stickers, and other swag from various knife companies and makers.

My big purchase of the year was a funky-little hybrid of a Canadian Belt Knife and a Nessmuk. It is called the Wasp and it is by South African Knifemaker Arno Bernard. The fit and finish on this N690 and Giraffe bone knife is exquisite and I like how it is a mashup of 2 classic North American styles by a South African.

My other high-end acquisition is a DPx Gear HEST/F Ti framelock. We covered this knife when it first was listed on Kickstarter, and I am super jazzed to get to test it myself. DPx introduced a tab-flipper edition at this year’s Blade Show.

Moving a considerable distance down the spectrum, I bought the last KABar 3189 Folding Hunter. Because who doesn’t need a KABar imported clone of a Buck 100 with a pocket clip?

I am not sure why exactly I bought it, other than even at its $25 retail it is a good deal. At the $15 booth price, it was a steal. It is a really solid knife for the price. I actually bought the last one out from under knifemaker Todd Hunt.

The SOG Centi II (top) is taking the place of my Gerber in my Altoid kit.

My last knife almost qualifies as kitsch. It is a Centi II by SOG, and it is replacing the little Gerber in my Altoid Tin survival kit. This is not due to any particular deficiency on the part of the Gerber, rather the SOG is a fraction thinner, and in this application that matters.

The Sog Centi II is really thin

I bought 3 baubles from Chris Williams of Wilmont Knives and Grinders. The tops are for my children, as they already each have a Mora Eldris and I don’t see the need to get them their second knife yet. The Beer Defender is for me, as I have wanted one since we gave one away to Jake Middleton (donated by Empire Outfitters) after my first Blade Show..

I have swiped some of the morale patches and stickers for my personal collection. But there is a lot to give away as well. Rather than a contest, here is what I am proposing…

I want to increase our number of 5 from the Grinder posts. I need help meeting new knifemakers. So I ask our readers this:

Can you please forward this link to any knifemakers you know or follow? Ask them to please drop me a line at . If they tell me you were the one who suggested they participate, I will send you a bunch of swag.

So that is my haul from the 2018 Blade Show. You can read all of our coverage from this year’s show here. Or I should say “our coverage so far”. The show might be over, but we have plenty more content from the show to pass along.


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    Looks good nice score!

  2. Sam L. says:

    Cool stuff!

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Blade Show 2018: “The Haul” (HCA Edition)

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