Blade Show 2018 in Pictures: The people of Blade Show

People of Blade Show

I want to thank David for handling the lion’s share of the Instagram duties this weekend’s Blade Show 2108. He has a keen eye for industry trends, and seems to make sure the right content makes it into the queue. I try to capture the feel of the show, and take pictures of things I think are cool or pretty.

That said, we certainly didn’t capture a fraction of all the cool knives, happenings, and camaraderie that surrounds the show. So we are turning to the lenses of others. Sit back and enjoy some of the sights of Blade Show 2018.

First, our friend Stephen Fowler had a knife stolen from his table. If you see it on Ebay anywhere else, let someone know.


This is one of my 2 or 3 favorite shots I took at the show:


It appears Dogwood Dan needs a shave..

Our friends Duane Unger and Big Chris represent:


I used that knife to cut my burger Saturday night.


I saw Doug but didn’t get a chance to speak with him this year.

I don’t know who these people are, but I wonder if they know about Georgia’s 12″ blade length limit.

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Serge Panchenko:

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Leo Espinoza and Craig Powell from TOPS with a fan:


Random Bali Battle:


Liong Ma had a dinner party apparently:


Some serious martial arts experience in this picture…


Everyone loves Joe Flowers:


Some knowledge in this shot…


Duane Unger’s winning Bladesports run:


Don’t look:

You looked^^^


The Crew from Rustick Knives:


Eastland, party of nine… (Saturday night dinner with Dogwood Dan and Beth is among the highlights of my show every year)



And this is how I feel today…


Be well folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Very cool!

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Blade Show 2018 in Pictures: The people of Blade Show

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