Blade Show bound in the morning.

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T-minus 12.5 hours and counting

It’s here folks. For Knife Knerds the Blade Show is Christmas, New Years, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. And TTAK is going to bring you every moment. In addition to probably 2 full posts per day from me here, and at least 1 if not more from David, the social media feeds will be going full tilt.

I came to my position at TTAK having already run a Facebook page for my fishing guide service, so it was not a challenge for me to get the TTAK page set up a couple of years ago. With my installation as Managing Editor, I found myself needing to get up to speed on Twitter pronto, and I now find this medium to be vastly superior to FaceBook.

That brings me to Instagram. I am still completely new to it. David however has some experience and has managed to tie the three accounts together. Our new Instagram, like Twitter, is @knifetruth. For the duration of the weekend, David will be updating the Instagram account, so please follow it for his POV of the show. The Instagram posts will automatically go out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

I will be directly updating the Twitter feed so please follow @knifetruth to get my POV. Any non-Instagram postings on Twitter will be from me.

If you read this and will be at the show, drop us a line here in the comments or on any of the social media feeds. If there is enough interest, we may try to have a bit of a meet-and-greet and perhaps a cold beverage on Saturday afternoon. Let us know.



  1. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Fellers, have fun and enjoy! Look forward to your coverage!

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Blade Show bound in the morning.

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