Blade-smithing, fish-gigging, and hog hunting with Daniel Casey

I stumbled across when surfing around on Twitter. What caught my eye was this video with Arkansas armorer Daniel Casey. Some may recognize him from the History Channel show Iron and Fire. Daniel calls himself an “armorer” since he also makes guns and other weaponry. Much of it is featured in this video as he and the host do some forging, go fish gigging and take part in a hog-hunt in the Ozark foothills.

The video is from CarbonTV’s series Heartlandia. CarbonTV is a streaming video channel featuring all manner of outdoor videos. As far as I have been able to tell, much of it is exclusively produced content, and most is shot with really high production quality – as you can see below. The site is a black hole of hunting, shooting, and other outdoor pursuits that I got sucked into this evening.

I have had a bit of trouble getting the embed to play properly, so you can also view the video here.

There were a couple of odd moments in the video. While I have been known to (rarely) commit the shooting-sin of firing a modern firearm without eye-protection, I could never imagine doing so with a muzzle-loader and all of the associated blowback of flaming powder. The host (a trained sniper) should know better.

The other is a very Yogi Berra-esque line from Mr. Casey. A swag-package to the first person to find the line I am thinking of and post it in the comments.




  1. Chris MacMillan says:

    Heads-up, the History Channel show is ‘Iron & Fire’ not ‘Fire & Ice’, I hope they produce another season or ten.


    1. Thanks. It was late and I was having trouble with the embed. Fixed now.

  2. Skinnedknuckles says:

    Was it “…hunters are the biggest at the conservative side…” (not “conservationist”)

    1. Honorable mention. I will send you some stickers. Email

  3. Skinnedknuckles says:

    How about

    “…if you wear gloves, you kind of train yourself to be idiots…”
    “…you get burnt a few times with 1800 to 2000 degree metal, you won’t do it more than once…”

    There are just so many possibilities! Love the clip, but shooting that flintlock without eye protection is not something I would be willing to do. However, to be “authentic” I guess you have to.

    1. “If you get burnt a few times you won’t do it more than once”. Totally a Yogi-ism

  4. Loved your video! Glad to see you paring down those Arkansas hogs, and I fully agree with your “conservationist” view. Hunters are truly helping the rest of the ecosystem by keeping these rapid reproducers at the top of the food chain under control.

  5. Brad Hignite says:

    My guess would be he hasn’t found any period safety glasses yet.

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Blade-smithing, fish-gigging, and hog hunting with Daniel Casey

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