From BladeHQ: Top Throwing Axes

Top throwing axes

image via Charlotte Observer

Axe-throwing is the latest craze sweeping the nation.  Austin, Boston, and Brooklyn, not exactly hotbeds of edged-tool use, have all seen axe-throwing BYOB establishments open in the past few years. The industry is beginning to respond to the trend, and BladeHQ show us some of the top throwing axes out there.

From Forbes:

Believe it or not, axe-throwing bars, where patrons throw axes at targets on the wall, are a growing trend across the country, despite everything that could possibly go wrong.

There are axe-throwing bars in or near Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte,  Denver, and of course, Brooklyn, among other places.

The first axe-throwing bar in North America is believed to have started in Toronto in 2011. Toronto bartender and actor Matt Wilson opened an indoor arena with axe-throwing and drinks.

 Now, his company is called the Backyard Axe Throwing League and it has spread to more than a dozen locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Here’s how an axe-throwing bar works. It’s primarily a group activity, booked in advance, although the bars accept walk-ins when space is available. An axe-throwing booking costs between $35 and $45 a person.


I have made an end-grain, butcher-block style knife and axe target which I will be putting up this spring. Expect a bunch more throwing content here at TTAK in the coming months. (just not with the ESEE PR-4) 🙂






  1. Sam L. says:

    HOW could you FAIL to include THIS: (Ed Ames Teaches Johnny Carson How To Throw a Tomahawk)

  2. TheStoic says:

    Ha! I just picked up the SOG tomahawks they threw in the video last night. They were on clearance because of the damage to the paracord wrap on the one. That’s an easy fix…

  3. No Cold Steel ‘hawks?
    I’m surprised, those are pretty common.

  4. Sam L. says:

    Posted at Instapundit at 5PM.

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From BladeHQ: Top Throwing Axes

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