Bladesports: Keystone Cut – August 14, 2016


I had a great time this past weekend attending a Bladesports Competition – the Keystone Cut in Meadville, PA, hosted by Peters Heat Treating. I haven’t tried my hand at competing yet, but it was great fun to watch, and I got to hang out with friends as well. Full coverage and tons of pics after the jump.

The 2016 Keystone Cut featured several competitors that made it to the World Championship at BLADE Show in Atlanta this past summer, including men’s and women’s World Champions Dan Keffeler and Nicole Warden.

Unsurprisingly, four-time consecutive champ Keffeler successfully defended his title and took first place overall.

At Worlds, friendly rivals Russell Cain and Bill LaRue (both sponsored by L.T. Wright Knives) battled for third place, with Cain coming out on top and LaRue taking fourth.

For their rematch at the Keystone Cut, Cain’s performance faltered while LaRue surged forward to take second, setting a new personal best time in the process.

Chris Warden, who placed ninth at worlds, also set a personal best at Keystone and took third place overall.


1st:     Dan Keffeler
2nd:   Bill LaRue
3rd:   Chris Warden
4th:    James Clifton
5th:    Mark Elick
6th:    Andy Blanchard
7th:    Josh Reese
8th:    Brad Stallsmith
9th:    L.T. Wright
10th:  Russell Cain
11th:  Luke Stallsmith
12th:  David Barnes
13th:  Chris Brown
14th:  Nicole Warden

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Bladesports: Keystone Cut – August 14, 2016

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