Bladesports releases 2016 World Championship videos

David is our resident Bladesports enthusiast, so I hope that he will forgive my posting this. David is not only a fan, he has even written a well reasoned piece detailing how Bladesports will face recruitment challenges due to the cost-barrier for newbies to acquire a suitable knife.

The video above is the 2016 winning run by Dan Keffeler. David even beat Bladesports’ official channels to the punch by publishing this years’ championship results here at TTAK. The World Championship takes place each year at BLADE Show, and David watched the whole thing diligently. The sacrifices he makes in the name of journalism are legendary.

Bladesports has released video footage of the runs on their YouTube Channel. More below the jump.


Donavon Phillips 2nd Place run.

As I mentioned, they have 7 runs uploaded at the time of this publication to their 2016 World Championship playlist. A good timewaster for a rainy Saturday.



  1. Brendan Malloy says:

    It’s kinda hard to tell what all the competitors are doing in the video. Can you do a break down of the various steps?

    1. Matt in FL says:

      OK, I’ve only watched the first one, but here’s what I’ve got:

      1. Chop through a horizontal 2×4 set on edge
      2. Clean cut through a single water bottle
      3. Clean cut through a free-hanging 1″ rope
      4. Clean cut through 12 water bottles
      5. Single chop through a 1″ dowel (maybe 3/4″)
      6. Split a straw(?) vertically for at least half its length
      7. Chop through a vertical 2×4
      8. Single chop through a 2″x2″ wood block
      9. Clean cut through a free-hanging 3″ rope
      10. Clean cut through a pyramid of aluminum cans, first 1, then 2, then 3 in a row
      11. Chop through a rolling tennis ball, then a rolling ping-pong handball(?)
      12. Clean cut through vertical standing soda straw(?)
      13. Chop through a horizontal 2×4 set on edge

      1. Mostly correct! Some corrections:

        #5: There are target areas marked on the dowel, with points awarded for accuracy.
        #6: Split the straw vertically the entire length or no points
        #8: It is actually a few layers of wood laminate. I don’t recall how many.
        #10: The top two rows of cans are partially emptied, while the bottom row is still full/sealed.
        #11: Tennis ball, then golf ball
        #12: It is a bendy straw. You have to cut the top off, between the tip and the start of the bendy bit.

        On all the rope cuts, you have to stay within the target area, marked by the tape.
        Same thing with the water bottles, the cuts need to stay in the center area.

        1. Matt in FL says:

          The only one I’m surprised about was the golf ball. It didn’t look solid in any of the videos I watched. But I’ll take your word for it.

          I realized after a later video that the straw had to be split all the way down when another competitor slipped out halfway and cursed under his breath.

  2. Brendan Malloy says:

    Appreciate the breakdown. Thanks guys.

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Bladesports releases 2016 World Championship videos

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