Knife skills and Do’s and Don’ts from Bon Appetit


In the course of my content trawl, I see countless knife-related listicles aimed at the mass-market/non-enthusiasts. Most are so incredibly basic as to not be worth the time to pass along to the edged intelligentsia of TTAK. Others actually contain what I consider to be bad advice that I would only consider to post in a fisking capacity.

I found “Hone your knife know-how-avoid these sharpening and use common mistakes” from Bon Appetit to be much better than most. None of the listicle is earthshaking, and likely is review for most of you. However, it is fairly well done and the photography is nice. And who doesn’t need to be reminded of the fundamentals every once and a while.

The 5th video on the Bon Appetite playlist above (how to quarter a chicken) is excellent. The others are solid as well.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Great! Thanks!

  2. Sam L. says:

    That Hone Your Knife Skills link: I hand wash my knives. Wooden handles get treated with wood butter:

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Knife skills and Do’s and Don’ts from Bon Appetit

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