Breaking: 3 French soldiers wounded by Knife-wielding Jihadi


A French soldier opens a barricade to allow a Jewish family to pass.

A knife-wielding assailant wounded 3 French soldiers who were standing guard outside a Jewish Community Center in Nice, France (slightly ironic). 30-year old Moussa Coulibaly was apprehended, but not before leaving the soldiers with face and leg lacerations. It is unclear if he is related to Amedy Coulibaly – the killer in the Kosher supermarket during the Charlie Hebdo attacks.


“The latest report comes in the wake of  a series of increasingly serious attacks on French military personnel protecting Jewish schools and institutions.

Thousands of soldiers tasked with securing Jewish institutions in France endure frequent abuse from passersby, the French Le-Progres site reported Monday.

Last Friday, three unknown assailants harassed two soldiers who were stationed outside the Nahalat Moshe Jewish school in Paris.

The trio, who reportedly pointed weapons at the guards, shouted antisemitic slogans and swore at them. Before fleeing, the three performed a “quenelle” gesture, an inverted Nazi salute popularized by the notorious antisemitic provocateur and comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.

As I have mentioned before, I am not Jewish though I support the State of Israel. Even if I did not, as Libertarian I feel that it is a proper role of Government to protect those that cannot protect themselves from violence. While not referring to this attack in particular, American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has said,

“Perhaps the UN ought to remember that while a Jewish life is no more valuable than any other, it is also no less so. Jews have a right to defend themselves.”

There are some European Rabbis that are calling for the Jews to be allowed to arm themselves. Ideally, all free people ought to be able to arm themselves for their own protection. That is a God-given right that the Statist regimes in Europe see fit to deny their people. Judging by the comments section in this piece by the UKDailyMail, and given the hoplophobia of most and anti-semitism of many in Europe, this is unlikely to happen any time soon.




  1. Thanks for this post. I hadn’t come across this news yet. In regards to Europe arming anyone…no way. Its up to the Jews(and every group) to arm themselves in any way they can. Guns aren’t allowed then knives. No knives, then a “household” item.

    Your lead photo of the French soldier “allowing” a Jewish family to pass says it all. Even though this soldier is protecting them now. That same uniform kept them inside those gates not too long ago.

    1. I caught this one quick. However, it does mean I have to push off the Red Power Ranger killing his roomate with a Samurai sword until later.
      So there is that.

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Breaking: 3 French soldiers wounded by Knife-wielding Jihadi

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