Breaking: CRKT Ken Onion Hi Jinx wins Knife of the Year


The new CRKT Ken Onion Hi Jinx wins Knife of the Year at Blade 2014.

The news just broke on Twitter from CRKT (@CRKTweet) that their new Ken Onion designed Hi Jinx has won Knife of the Year at Blade 2014. Your humble correspondent does not yet warrant an invite to the award show – I had a steak dinner with Will Woods instead), and it is still too soon for an official press release from CRKT so I will give my thoughts on the knife and the award.

I had the opportunity to look at this knife yesterday, and actually use it at this morning’s Chop-fest. I can honestly say that they made a great choice. I have seen thousands of knives over the last 2 days, even fell in love with one, but can appreciate what the review committee sees in this particular blade.

The knife feels great in the hand, the concave scales provide a very secure and comfortable grip. The knife has enough heft to feel like a substantial tool, yet has classy lines and stout construction. If I am not mistaken, this is CRKT’s first entry into the high-end knife market, and they certainly made a splash. It is large enough to provide serious leverage when shaving wood, yet is small enough to be carried comfortably in the pocket.

Titanium scaled frame locks were definitely the rage this year, and the Hi Jinx is the best of the bunch. I will be sure to pass along whatever CRKT puts out about the award. They most certainly will be shouting this from the mountaintops. In the mean time, if you have an extra $500 lying around this knife is definitely something special. As Ferris Bueller would say, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up”.




  1. Cubbie says:

    Any word if they plan to make a more economical version?

    1. I haven’t heard anything. I will be sure to ask in the morning.
      My guess would be no, since part of why it made Knife of the Year is how special it is in terms of materials and workmanship. Unlike most CRKT products, which are USA designed and Asian made, the Hi Jinx is made in Italy.

      If you were to downgrade the materials and farm out the manufacture it really would knock the knife down a peg in terms of what makes it so special in the first place.

      Just a semi-educated guess. I will make a point of finding a direct answer.

      1. Spoke to Ben from CRKT and he said I was spot on.

        I like the knife though and see your point. Maybe call it the “Shenanigans” , make it with a good but not spectacular steel (Aus8 would work) and brushed aluminum scales. Keep the lines, proportions, and especially the pocket clip position.

        I don’t know. Fun to speculate though.

  2. Cubbie says:

    I’d call that a highly-educated answer, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And, if that doesn’t work, saving my pennies.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    Good for them. That’s a beautiful knife.

  4. Cubbie says:

    Thanks for the follow-up, Clay! And keep up the great blogging.

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Breaking: CRKT Ken Onion Hi Jinx wins Knife of the Year

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