Breaking: CRKT settles lawsuit with Cold Steel

Hot off the presses this afternoon:





For immediate release
Contact: Rod Bremer

Tualatin, Oregon, U.S.A.— July 27, 2015

CRKT today announced a settlement of a lawsuit filed in June 2015 in Los Angeles by Cold Steel relating to advertising by Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT). CRKT is satisfied with the terms of the settlement, which are confidential. The lawsuit will be dismissed. Neither party will make any further comment about the lawsuit or its resolution.

That’s all she wrote apparently. For those who missed it, here is the background on the lawsuit.  Since the parties won’t say anything further, feel free to make wild and irresponsible baseless speculations and conspiracies  in the comment section. For entertainment purposes only of course.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I think most of us know that a locking folder is not ever going to be a strong as a fixed knife made from one piece of steel, and we take that seriously when we use them. I expect, but do not know, that high-end using folders are going to be stronger in locking the blades open than medium- and lower-end/lower-priced folders. I don’t know what Cold Steel had in mind when they filed this suit; I just don’t think it was useful to or for me, as a knife user, in any way.

    1. Roger says:

      You are an educated knife user. The VAST MAJORITY of knife owners and users are not so. I’ve seen people buy cheap chinaknives based on similar claims on the box. CRKT have benefited and made sales from making claims that just don’t hold up.

      And this isn’t the first, nor the least founded, lawsuit in recent knife company history.

      1. elcas says:

        I couldn’t agree less… You get what you pay for…. Cheapest of Knives can only fool idiots with their claims, and crkt used “virtual” not “litteral” in their claim! So let’s face it, this lawsuit was frivolous

        1. Roger says:

          “You get what you pay for.” $70 CRKT knives that don’t live up to their claims is a serious problem. Especially with other companies in the industry overall. If this was a frivolous lawsuit, why would CRKT move to have it dismissed instead of paying Cold Steel money?

  2. VaqueroJustice says:

    Cold steel was firing a torpedo at one of their competitors, one that I think
    may have taken a bite out of Cold steels sales as of late. CRKT simply took
    the least expensive route to deal with said torpedo.

    Now on to the baseless speculations and conspiracies.

    Lynn Thompson must have shown up to the negotiations with
    a two handed sword. This would explain the out of court settlement.

  3. elcas says:

    Crkt brought a picture of cold steel old logo, then each company brought their champion they fought to the death with toothpicks, by the way I do think cold steel started to decrease in their sales and were more than happy to settle it asap and quietly

  4. I do actually see Cold Steel’s side of things on this one. They know a folder can never equal a fixed blade for strength. Now lets say that you have one of the strongest locking mechanisms on the market (and by all accounts, their Tri-Ad lock is among the best). You know it is strong, but you will never make a claim that is virtually the equal of a fixed blade, because you know better.

    Now a competitor comes along, marketing a less robust lock as a “virtual fixed blade.” For the average consumer just looking for a knife, this could sway their purchase… “Oh, look how strong they say it is. I’ll have that one.” They could definitely make an argument to a judge that false marketing gave CRKT an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

    They may not have done the best job of explaining it, but they are just out to protect their IP/product.

    1. borg says:

      It is good see that Cold Steel fought against CRKT over their deceptive advertising. Though Cold Steel may not have done so deliberately their lawsuit will make CRKT think twice before using deceptive advertising in the future.

  5. Bottom line for me is that I do think CRKTs claim was a bit exaggerated. No folder is as strong as a fixed blade, and I agree with David that Cold Steels Tri-Ad is stronger than anything I have seen from CRKT.

    I _hate_ lawfare however, and regardless of CRKTs actions I think that Cold Steel walks away from this having taken a bigger hit than CRKT.

  6. sagebrushracer says:

    I bet the terms of the lawsuit demanded that the lawyers fight to the death with products made by their clients. Once the CRKT guys found out that cold steel makes swords axes and spears, and CRKT only makes knives and machetes, they were keen to settle asap with as little limelight as possible.

  7. Joshua Fields says:

    Fuck Cold Steel. Stiff hard to close locks, shitty chip blades, bad HT.

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Breaking: CRKT settles lawsuit with Cold Steel

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