Breaking: Fatal refugee machete-attack in Germany stopped by “good-guy with a car”


The perp was arrested after being run over by a bystander’s car.

(Editor’s note: Wall Street Journal is reporting that the attack was possibly motivated by a personal dispute, not directly terrorism. That said, a different Syrian refugee just blew himself up, wounding 7. Click here for more on both. )
Islamist attacks are becoming an almost daily occurrence in western Europe. Today’s installment comes from Germany, where a 21-year old Syrian invader “asylum seeker” hacked a pregnant woman to death and wounded two others with a machete. It could have been much worse if not for a bystander’s quick thinking. The son of the kebab restaurant where the attack started ran the perp over with his BMW.


A driver in a BMW 2 series hatchback rammed into the man, preventing him from attacking more people on Listplatz road next to the central bus station in Reutlingen near the southern city of Stuttgart just before 4.30pm local time (3.30pm BST).

Police arrested the bearded Syrian who was seen with a bloodied forehead as he was pinned down on the ground by officers.

Reutlingen police said the man was known to them.

An eyewitness told Germany’s Bild newspaper: ”The man was completely out of his mind.

“He ran with his machete even behind a patrol car.

“A BMW driver then accelerated and ran over him.

“He then lay prostrate on the ground and did not move.”

People were seen fleeing the scene as the man carried out the fatal attack on a warm, sunny Sunday where people were enjoying the 30C (86F) heat.

Police said there is currently no evidence of a terrorist attack as they continue to investigate.

No evidence of terror? Yet he was known to police. The obfuscation is literally killing people. I suppose it could be an argument over the price of falafel, and the perp happened to be EDC’ing his machete. Color me skeptical. 


The murder weapon being cataloged by police

There is a Mad Lib quality to the recent attacks:

A ____________ attacked and killed __________ people with a ___________ . The attack was thwarted when quick-thinking ________________ stopped the attacker with __________________.

A jihadi used a vehicle to mow down dozens of people in Nice, France. Police used firearms to end the attack. On the train last week, a jihadi wounded several people with an axe before getting ventilated by police. In Munich an Iranian muslim used a gun to kill 9 before stopping the attack by putting a round into his own brain. Today a machete wielding man was stopped by a “good-guy with a car”. It should have been a defensive gun use.

It really doesn’t matter what the perpetrators used to kill. What matters is how fast responders and bystanders can meet the threat with force. The tools used can swap roles – guns can kill, guns can stop an attack. Vehicles can kill, or vehicles can be used to stop an attack.

It is not the caliber of weapon, it is the caliber of the wielder that matters.

Stay tuned, I will update if information warrants.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. Imp says:

    I’m just glad to see bystanders (bydrivers?) fighting back at all. Too often, no resistance is offered until police arrive, giving the attacker complete control of the situation for several minutes.

  2. Hannibal says:

    In many situations a car is the best weapon available! I’ll take one over a pistol in many cases…

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Breaking: Fatal refugee machete-attack in Germany stopped by “good-guy with a car”

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