Breaking: Five stabbed on CA University campus; suspect shot and killed (Updated)

I don’t have time to write more at the moment, but there has been a stabbing spree at University of California, Merced. The suspect was shot and killed by a good guy with a gun, in this case a UC Merced police officer.  Details are still sketchy at this point, but all 5 victims are conscious.

From CNN:

Five students have been stabbed at the University of California, Merced, the school announced via Twitter.

The suspect was shot and killed.

The campus has been closed, and classes were canceled, according to the university.

Two of those stabbed were transported for treatment via helicopter, the school tweeted, while the three others were treated on campus.

“All conscious,” the school tweeted about the victims.

Stay safe folks.


Update 11pm:

There is apparently no motive being released, and the perp’s name is still withheld pending family notification. The New York Times has more info on what went down:

From NYT:

The attacker walked into a class as it was starting and stabbed a student, said the university police chief, Albert Vasquez. A contractor heard the commotion and, believing it was a fight, ran into the classroom to intervene. He was stabbed in the process, Chief Vasquez said.

The attacker then fled the classroom and stabbed the student adviser and a student who rushed to help the adviser, Chief Vasquez said. He was stopped by two university police officers, who shot him after he turned toward them. Officials said they could not immediately provide any details about the possible motive for the attack or about what students or other witnesses have said.

The knife was the only weapon found, Sheriff Warnke said.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Glad to hear they got him.

  2. Spencer says:

    Although this incident is despicable, it is now an all too common sign of our rapidly failing country. I thinks it’s too late to turn this ghastly behavior around–too many decades of Americans doing whatever feels good, broken families, endemic political corruption, drug and alcohol abuse, slavish addiction to violent video games, shiftlessness and total lack of accountability.

    You’d be well served to prepare for rapid U.S. decline and eventual collapse in the time left. Your personal security is completely up to you; don’t expect The Man to help you.

    1. Just heard on Fox that the perps name was Faisal Mohammed. Draw what conclusions you wish.

      1. Grindstone says:

        Authorities cite personal vendetta in UC Merced stabbings

        So how’s that “Jump to Conclusions Mat” coming along?

    2. Grindstone says:

      Yet violence and homicide are at a multi-decade low…

  3. Spencer says:

    Added to my list of our nation’s maladies mentioned above, Clay, is America’s refusal to enforce sensible immigration laws and border protection. In practice, we let anyone–even suspected terrorists and violent criminals–enter our country and misbehave. People may not agree on the the reasons for this stupidity but it exists and is flourishing.

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Breaking: Five stabbed on CA University campus; suspect shot and killed (Updated)

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