Breaking: Knife Melee At TX High School Kills One, Injures Three


A knife-wielding brawl at Spring High School in Houston, Texas this morning took the life of 17 year-old student Joshua Broussard, shown here. At least two other students were injured, and at least two suspects are in custody. Parents waited outside for several hours to collect their children, who remained ‘locked down’ in classrooms while police investigated.

Despite the apparent fact that all of the victims appear to be African-American and all the suspects in custody Hispanic, police and school officials are downplaying reports that the fight was gang-related. Huh?

Image: Twitter

This image of a blood-spattered hallway was tweeted by a student at the school.

More from the NY Daily News:

A 17-year-old student is dead and three others injured after a stabbing in a Texas high school cafeteria Wednesday morning.

Joshua Broussard, a sophomore at Houston’s Spring High School, was identified to KHOU by family as the sole fatality of the fight that broke out around 7:10 a.m.

Three students are currently in custody and a 16-year-old victim is hospitalized at Memorial Hermann Hospital after originally being listed in critical condition, said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia at a press conference. The teen’s pastor has since publicly said his condition is improving.

Two other victims transported by ambulance to Houston Northwest Medical Center are said to have sustained minor injuries.

Garcia described the altercation breaking out over a “confrontation of some sort” that ultimately led into a physical fight that produced “sharp” weapons of some kind.

“We have not recovered those weapons so we are still conducting that aspect of the investigation,” he said while claiming that those currently in custody are the only persons of interest in the case.

Reports of the fight having been gang related are being investigated by Garcia but believed by him to be unfounded.

A ‘confrontation of some sort’? ‘Sharp’ weapons of some kind? You categorically cannot have a fight without the one or a stabbing without the other, so I’m guessing that Sheriff Garcia is not a Jesuit-trained rhetorician.  And I don’t think you need to be a cop to call bullshit on his conclusions here: whenever two racial groups get into a homicidal melee, I’ll bet all my plastic that at least one of those groups are a gang. Smart money suggests that the armed group here were the gang-bangers (because they were armed, and they didn’t get killed or hurt) and that the stabbed and slashed victims might not have been a gang (because they weren’t, and they did.)

But none of that matters to any Spring High School parents today. My wife and I just dropped our daughters off this morning for the first day of school here in suburban Washington state, and those of you with children are probably feeling like I do right now.


  1. jwm says:

    See, the killer read the gun free zone signs and didn’t use a gun. MAIG now has proof that GFZs stop the violence and killing. Or not.

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Breaking: Knife Melee At TX High School Kills One, Injures Three

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