Breaking: Manhattan Woman injured in machete attack


It is the machete’s fault, not the homeless person holding it.

Winning the great timing award for today is the news that a homeless man attacked a 31-year old woman in Midtown Manhattan with a machete, injuring her arm. One of the reasons cited for NY State Senator Michael Nozzolio’s scuttling the Gravity Knife Bill is that the Manhattan D.A. is strongly opposed to it. (Of course he is, it is a club that he can wield against the plebes when he can’t prove an actual criminal offense). This doesn’t help the cause.

As much as I would like to ignore this, I couldn’t sit on this news. The ripple from this will probably be felt in Albany. It gives the cowards a way out since they can look at the camera and solemnly say  “now is not the time remove knife restrictions”.  Meanwhile, their constituents  rot at Riker’s Island because of said knife restrictions.

From Channel 7 Online::

“Authorities say the suspect started swinging the machete wildly just before noon, and a 31-year-old woman was slashed in the right arm.

The victim, of Korean descent, was taken to Bellevue Hospital to be treated.

The suspect, identified as Frederick Young, in his 50s, was taken into custody on the south side of the park, opposite 60 West 40th Street, after Bryant Park security pursued him and put up barricades.”

There has already been a move in New York to reclassify machetes as weapons. The bill was introduced by hoplophobic Senator Tony Avella. This attack will only add traction to that movement. Because it is the tool’s fault. Homelessness didn’t play any role at all I’m sure. Nor the mental illness and drug use that usually accompanies homelessness.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Of course not! And how terribly insensitive of you to mention it!

  2. Spencer says:

    Apparently too many Americans are tacitly willing to accept all the nasty consequences of allowing violent mentally ill people to run loose on the streets because they don’t want to pay to warehouse them in mental asylums.

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Breaking: Manhattan Woman injured in machete attack

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