Breaking: Mass Knife Attack At Texas College

A [presumed] madman went on a rampage with a knife at a Texas community college this morning and reportedly stabbed at least 14 victims. Several victims were evacuated by helicopter, and area hospitals reported admitting at least 12 people wounded in the attack.

The Harris County Sheriff’s office reports that one male suspect is in custody, but his identity has not yet been released. Conflicting reports indicate that a second suspect may still be at large.

Fox News reports that a male attacker ran from building to building at the Cypress, Texas campus of Lone Star College and randomly stabbed people with a small knife. One suspect was arrested, and police are still searching the locked-down campus for additional victims and a possible second attacker. At press time there are no reports of fatalities.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.



  1. Aharon says:

    When I was in jr high school, I was into reading a series of sci-fi books known as the Gor series. In one episode, the main character reflects on something he learned in the past about self-defense preparation: “in places where weapons are forbidden it is wise to carry a weapon”.

  2. Mr. Lighter says:

    Well this is just wonderful. I hope they don’t start trying to ban more knives on college campuses.

    1. VaqueroJustice says:

      Reports say that this was done with something similar to a box cutter or exacto knife, not a tactical folder, bowie, or some other sort of what might soon be known as assault knives. Calls for further bans over this one incident will probably not happen, but this may start the ball rolling. You can bet that civilian disarmament forces are paying attention.

      1. Aharon says:

        No more plastic model building in the dorm rooms.

  3. Kevin Highland says:

    Color my cynical and in need of a tinfoil hat but this seems awfully convenient at a time when the President is flying the Newtown parents around looking for gun control some evil person decides to try mass disection.

    1. Or the TSA “shanks on a plane” brouhaha

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Breaking: Mass Knife Attack At Texas College

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