BREAKING: Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide with a Kitchen Knife

Interesting: the knife is only mentioned in one report that I can find. Otherwise, it’s a drug overdose story. Mind you, it’s early in the news cycle, which, in this case, is bound to be more of a cyclone. Running two sites—The Truth About Guns and The Truth About Knives—it never ceases to amaze me how knives are never “blamed” for suicides or homicides. Whereas it’s all about the gun when the media reports that someone shoots someone for some reason—especially when the results are “tragic.” Anyway, “Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention,” Jackson family lawyer Perry Sanders Jr. statement asserts. Yes, well. I doubt we’ll get full details about Ms. Jackson’s wounds. Did she . . .

start—and perhaps finish—with shallow cuts (a.k.a. “hesitation wounds” or “tentative wounds”)? As points out, failed suicide attempts involving more deliberate wrist cutting can lead to permanent pain and/or debilitation.

In the case of a failed suicide attempt, the person may experience injury of the tendons of the extrinsic flexor muscles, or the ulnar and median nerves which control the muscles of the hand, both of which can result in temporary or permanent reduction in the victim’s sensory and/or motor ability and/or also cause chronic somatic or autonomic pain.

I know this all sounds a bit callous and brutal. As someone with a history of suicide in the family, rest assured that our thoughts are with Ms. Jackson and her family.


  1. A member of the Jackson Family has psychological issues? That’s Unpossible!

  2. JPD says:

    The same group of predatory scumbags are surrounding her that screwed up her father. Good luck with any semblance of a normal life.

    1. PubliusII says:

      Bingo. So long as she remains within reach of celebrity culture, her chances of a normal life hover close to zero.

  3. David says:

    “[I]t never ceases to amaze me how knives are never “blamed” for suicides or homicides.”

    With a somber tone I assert that the numbers bare out this messed up fact:

    If you really want to kill youself – use a gun.
    If you really want to kill another person – use a blade.

    Guns have a much higher rate of fatality compared to any other method of self murder.

    The fatality ratio in blade attacks is much higher. Attackers who choose blades are frequently more determined and often times the attacks happen w/ no one else around. Unlike drive-bys and peple letting off warning shots that later get reported as sometime of “gun crime”.

    I wish there are people in and around the Jackson family that love that family enough to keep the drug pushers (frequently doctors) away. Kind of like what happened w/ Johnny Cash. One can hope.

  4. ScottyV says:

    Will her name be submitted to the CA mental disorder database to prevent her from purchasing guns in the future?

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BREAKING: Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide with a Kitchen Knife

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