Breaking: Truck mows down dozens in Nice, France; gunfire reported (Updated 23:00EDT)


Dozens are dead following a deliberate attack using a truck as a weapon.

Of course the truck was not acting on its own. It had an operator whose intent was to use it to kill.

Details are sketchy at best, there are reports of gunfire and the possibility that at least one perpetrator is dead. Authorities are reporting a possible hostage situation as well at the Meridian Hotel. What is clear is that a truck travelling 60-70kph plowed into a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France.

Telegraph UK is running an updating live feed here.

“A local Nice Matin journalist on the scene reported: “People ran, there was panic. He drove onto the promenade and ploughed into the crowd. There is a huge amount of blood and without doubt a lot of people have  been hurt.”

A witness who gave his name as Antoine said: “We were at the Neptune beach and a firework display had just finished. That is when we saw a white lorry. It was going quickly at 60-70 kilometres an hour.”

It has the hallmarks of a Jihadi attack, but there is time for that later. What is clear is that a vehicle has likely been used as a “weapon of mass destruction”. And guns perhaps. It is a good thing that France has laws against murder and restrictive gun laws.

I will update later when I find out more.

Update 18:49EDT:

Fox News is reporting upwards of 60 people have been killed.

Extremely NSFW video via LiveLeak:

Update 23:00EDT:

Less NSFW Video: The truck attack taking place

As is frequently the case, initial reports were all over the place. Telegraph has published a Nice Terror Attack: Everything we know so far piece.

Here are some “highlights”:

  • The death toll is topping 80.
  • As far as I have been able to determine, there was no hostage situation after all
  • It is unclear if the perp shot anyone, though there are reports that the truck was loaded with guns and ammunition
  • The truck traveled at least 100 meters through the densely-packed street of pedestrians
  • Police shot and killed the perp
  • The perp is reported to be a 31 year old French resident born in Tunisia
  • He shouted the “Jihadi mating-call” as he was using his truck to kill

Reactions have been pouring in. You can look up the tweets and statements from politicians on your own. Here are a few tweets that make the point I already mentioned about the killer’s choice of tools. I found these poignant and succinct, and I feel like sharing.

“There is no virtue in tolerating the violently intolerant” -HCA



  1. Jesse "Sparky" Mohler says:

    What has been posted is spot on. This is the worst case of rapidly matistizing cancer that I have seen. The new Administration will have to forget political correctness and fight to win. There will be coladeral damage and we will have to trust our trained specialist to engage on an as need basics without all of this “bull shit” micro management from the political fools that do not have a clue about how to win a war. The Monday morning quarterbacks should stay the hell out of the game.

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Breaking: Truck mows down dozens in Nice, France; gunfire reported (Updated 23:00EDT)

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