Brother Charged In California “Shelter In Place” Stabbing

Leila Fowler (courtesy

When 8-year old Leila Fowler was stabbed to death in her California home last month, her brother told police that he saw an intruder fleeing the home after the attack. Local police, perhaps a little too eager to shut down the whole county, issued a “Shelter In Place” directive while they searched outbuildings and dredged nearby lakes for signs of the murderer. Today it seems they’ve got their man. Or boy.

CNN reports that Leila’s 12-year old brother was arrested on Sunday, and is to be charged with his sister’s murder. He became a person of interest after police found no evidence of forced entry in the home, and the case probably broke when a neighbor who had corroborated the boy’s sighting of a fleeing intruder later recanted his story.

The next time the authorities use the fear of crime to try and ‘lock down’ entire communities and deprive us of so many of our God-given liberties, remember that this county-wide ‘lockdown’ and manhunt was all based on the lies of an accused murderer.

The police, who seem ever eager to enlarge their own powers at the expense of our freedoms, probably won’t remember it themselves.


  1. Aharon says:

    RIP little angel.

  2. Chris Dumm says:

    It leaves you wondering what the 12-year old was trying to cover up.

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Brother Charged In California “Shelter In Place” Stabbing

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