Browning Black Label Knives: Gun-Branded Knives You Can Trust?

Browning Black Label ArbitratorA friend of mine spent nearly $1000 for an extremely exclusive limited-run SIG/Sauer P226 Mk.25. It was only sold to Navy SEALs, and came in a custom carrying case with a matching ‘custom’ knife, which was sadly made in China of mystery metal. WTF?

Not all gun-branded knives are so uninspired. Upper-end Browning ‘Black Label’ knives join some of Benchmade’s H&K-brand lineup, as American-made gun knives you can trust.

The ‘Arbitrator’ fighting knife shown above bucks the trend of mediocre gunmaker knives: it’s made in the USA from super-hardened 154 CM stainless and G-10. Like the rest of the Black Label lineup, it’s designed by legend Russ Kommer. At a street price of about $140, it’s a pretty impressive blade at a competitive price.

Image courtesy Browning

Browning Black Label ‘Hell Fire’

These knives are worth a look-see if you want a US-made knife with solid design and premium materials. Be sure to check the product description as well as the price, however: other Browning Black Labels are foreign-made of 440 and 440C steels. They’re almost certainly decent knives, but they’ll probably appeal to a completely different type of customer who will buy them for completely different reasons.




  1. Matt in FL says:

    An interesting change, considering that knives made/distributed by gunmakers are almost always crap.

  2. David says:

    It seems like browning knives are like browning guns:

    Good-to-Great but high priced.

  3. DaveM says:

    Stuff made in China is low quality like dog treats, baby food, San Fran bridge and now the knives, go figure, I am stunned

    China does not need quality with billion + people, give them all just a cheap ass knife and opposing force is in a world of hurt

  4. Fresh says:

    Yep seems like a good line .. Russ Kommer designed the knife with input from Jared Wihongi’s ) .. Jared is a edged weapons expert.. You might have seen him on the Nutnfancy project .. He is known as Officer Jared there … Here is one of the Nutnfancy vids Jared is in .. Its about the Katana ..

  5. Daniel says:

    HK knives are actually half-decent, but mostly because Benchmade lent their expertise.

  6. Navyretgold says:

    Both Browning and Smith & Wesson would stamp their names on a plastic butter knife for a royalty.

  7. Aharon says:

    I like the look of the above knife yet the list price is too high and that is before I have researched the materials used. Great materials or not, I’m not spending so much money on a knife even one I use frequently such as kitchen knives.

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Browning Black Label Knives: Gun-Branded Knives You Can Trust?

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