Buck Knives Infographic: How old is my Buck Knife?


Straight from the source…

For those of you with a Buck 110 or 119 lying around (I haven’t seen either of mine since I moved from Idaho) Buck has released this easy to follow chart explaining the date codes stamped in their blades. Not much to add on this end, but do any of you have any of the older codes on your Bucks?

(h/t Smoky Mountain Knife Works)


  1. AW1Ed says:

    Hmmmm, mine has the Buck 119 USA stack, and sort of a reverse “C” next to the numeral 9.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    I was given a gift of a older buck, ’72-’86 date range. Its rather squared off, vs rounded in the newer ones. great shape, came with belt holder. no scratches or nicks on the blade, so I figure it was never used hard.

  3. aircooledTOM says:

    I have a ’74-’80. It has one dot on either side of the model number. It was my dad’s, the dog actually brought it home in the early ’80’s. Must have stolen it from a neighbor’s house in order to eat the sheath, which he did. I need to restore it, it’s badly corroded at the moment, but the edge is still pretty sharp.

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Buck Knives Infographic: How old is my Buck Knife?

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